I'm Voting With My Brain —​ NOT My Vagina (And I'm STILL With Her)

Photo: Tumblr
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Women all over the country are ecstatic.

We have nominated Hillary Clinton as our first female candidate for the office of President of The United States!

But we can't express that excitement, no not fully.


Because of our vaginas.

We still live in a patriarchy and this election season has been proof of that, like we needed a reminder. 

Yes, we're busting it up slowly but surely — and Hillary's nomination is a major step — but the battle is so far from being over. 

The final night of the DNC was wonderful. It was the culmination of a week dedicated to showcasing Hillary as a mother, grandmother, and wife in addition to her political qualifications. 

It served its purpose too. Hillary's campaign has enjoyed a nice post-convention bump.


Her detractors are still out there, and unfortunately they (and our inherently sexist nation) are going to make her race to the White House a little bit closer than it should be in a civilized world.

Here's where I want to step away from the issue of being a woman. 

Because, contrary to what those on the Trump train are saying about women for Hillary, I'm not voting with my vagina.

While my vagina can do all sorts of wonderful things, it cannot operate the equipment inside a voting booth.

That's why it (and I) rely on my brain and my brain alone when casting my vote. 

My brain wants to vote for Hillary because she isn't racist. Donald Trump is.


Saying that Mexican immigrants are criminals and rapists, and bandying about the idea of banning all Muslims from the country, that's racism at its most easy to identify.

He even was racist against a Gold Star Mother who lost her hero son in Iraq. 

My brain wants to vote for Hillary because she supports immigration reforms that are in direct opposition to the policies of America's most cheddar-colored would-be despot, Donald Trump.

"Let's take on the challenge of systemic racism, invest in communities of color and finally pass comprehensive immigration reform. America is great, and we can do great things if we do them together," says Clinton. 

My brain wants to vote for Hillary because Donald Trump casually mentions the idea of punishing women for getting abortions like it means nothing. 

Hillary supports Planned Parenthood and a right to choose. 


Because I believe in health care for all, and the services Planned Parenthood provides are paramount to making that a reality, that matters to me. 

As for a right to choose? There's nothing more in keeping with American ideals — the freedom of choice should exist for all the country's citizens, not a chosen few. 

My brain wants to vote for Hillary because, like so many other Americans, I believe that the seemingly endless tide of gun violence in this nation needs to stop.

Hillary has vowed to take on the NRA, she knows guns are a problem. She wants to regulate. We need that regulation. 

My brain wants to vote for Hillary because our leader of the free world should have experience dealing with, you know, other nations.

Foreign policy is a critical aspect of the role of president. Donald Trump has, and this is no exaggeration, no foreign policy experience and no political experience at all.




My brain wants to vote for Hillary because she has experience: First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State ... these jobs mean something. 

Don't tell me that Trump's time as a business owner has given him great insights into anything other than learning how to very efficiently file for bankruptcy. This combined with his volatile temper, and aggressively puerile attitude, makes a Trump presidency a truly terrifying notion. 

My brain wants to vote for Hillary because for years men have been able to put other men in public office and no one derided their choice as being based on their gender bias. 

I hope I have a daughter born during this administration. I wish every woman in America felt free to jump up and down and sob and laugh at what we have finally accomplished.

But because sexism continues to prevail, I cannot allow myself that indulgence. 

Because of sexism, I have to be logical, reasonable, calm, and measured in everything I say about the woman I think should be our president. 

For centuries men have governed with their dicks. It is my dream that women one day will get the privilege to govern with their vaginas. 

But that day isn't here yet, so I've got to depend on my brain, a skill Trump and those of his ilk haven't quite yet figured out — because they haven't had to.