10 Struggles Only Women Who Look JUST Like Their Moms Understand

Almost every time I look in the mirror, I see my mother staring back at me.

family Courtesy of the author

I was standing in the kitchen talking to my husband when I caught a reflection in the microwave. Only it wasn't my reflection — it was my mother's.

While (technically) only half of my DNA is hers, our faces are damn identical. And it goes beyond sharing the same smile, nose and blue eyes. I have picked up her mannerisms, her addiction for buying new shoes, and an obsession for celebrity gossip.

For as long as I can remember, we've been told how much we look alike. We're like the Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn of normal people. This is my life, as a doppelgänger to my mother.


1. People always confuse you for sisters.

"Are you two sisters?"  If we each had a dollar for every time we heard that question, we'd be flying first-class and traveling the world together right now.

2. Strangers recognize you.

At one point in her life, my mom worked at California State University, Chico. Five years after she left that job, I enrolled at CSU for my bachelor's degree. One day as I was working at my on-campus job, a man entered the office and looked directly at me, with a bit of confusion on his face.


He said, "This might be an odd question, but are you Kim's daughter?" Um. Yes. How did he know that? Well, because our faces are the same. That's how.

3. Your friends develop a crush on your mom.

When you have an attractive parent, it's not uncommon to have friends develop crushes on them. In my high school years, my crushes had crushes on her. One friend joked with me whether he could ask my mom to prom. Awkward.

4. Going through childhood photographs gets confusing.


Sometimes, it takes a detective to determine if it's me or her in childhood photographs. Fortunately, the fashions between the 1960s and 1980s can give it away. (And yes, she has actually looked at her own baby pictures thinking it was me.)

5. You have the same mannerisms.

Our similarities go beyond looks; even our mannerisms are the same. We've been told we laugh the same (something to do with our shoulders moving also). With every passing day of my life, I'm literally turning into my mother, and it's not as scary as others would have you believe.

6. You take being twins to a whole new level with your outfits.

During almost every trip I take to visit my parents, there's at least one day when both my mom and I come out of our rooms in the exact same outfits. For example, we both wore thin black and white stripes when we went shopping for my wedding dress.


7. Bartenders ask your mom for ID instead of you.

I'm now 30, so my days of getting carded are coming to an end. However, when we're having a drink together, many bartenders have asked for her ID. It goes without saying that they are surprised when they see her birth year.

8. People are always saying how much you look alike.


It's almost impossible to post a picture of us on Facebook or Instagram without one of our friends commenting on how much we look alike.

9. Computers can't even tell you apart.

You know how Facebook can creepily recognize your face as soon as you post a picture? Well, it doesn't always work for us. Our similarities go beyond human recognition. Computers can't tell us apart!


10. The good news is, you will age gracefully.

In the saving grace of it all, I have real living proof that I'm going to be rather hot in 25 years. Thanks for your genes, Mom!