The 5 BEST Sex Positions To Make Your Headache Go Away

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best sex positions headache

It's a cliche we all know. Guy wants to have sex, woman doesn't want to have sex. What does she say?

"Sorry darling ... I have a headache." 

I don't know about you but this has literally never happened to me. 

If anything I'm jumping on my guy for some sack time and he's like "don't you have a migraine?" and I'm all "me want sex now" because the prospect of making whoopee tends to turn me into Cookie Monster.


A stress headache shouldn't keep you from getting your freak on. 

Why do you think there are so many different sex positions? Because people have had to overcome so much to make sure their genitals are serviced no matter what the obstacle. 

Here are for of the best sex positions to try and cure your headache. 

1. Literally any sex position

Having sex releases hormones like dopamine and others that actually reduces the pain you are feeling. That's part of why hangover sex is so popular. Sure, you might want to vomit, but your body knows that sex is the truest hangover cure.

Have sex however you like — gently. Your head pain will vanish faster than you can say "I have a headache". 

2. Mutual masturbation 

If you want that quick dopamine fix but you're in so much pain the idea of basically any maneuvering of each other's parts seems fraught with peril, visit your teen years and masturbate each other.

You get the intimacy, you get the pain relief, and you don't have to put nearly as much work in.

And they said romance is dead. 


3. Spooning sex position

This one assumes that your man is headache-free. All you have to do is get on your side, open your thighs and let him work.

You can play with yourself while he eases himself inside of you.

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Because of the lack of natural torque he will be forced to go slow and gentle, making it last longer, and feel better for poor, under-the-weather you. 


4. Bedspread sex position

I love the kink factor of this particular position. You lay on your stomach with the lower half of your legs off of the bed. You rest comfortably while he uses your legs to guide himself inside you.

It gives him deep range of movement, giving him a real thrill, and you a great G-spot orgasm without even having to roll over. 

You're welcome. *wink*