5 WILD, New Sex Positions To Try When You're Sick Of The Same Old

Time for a little change.

7 NEW Sex Positions To Try When You're Sick Of The Same Old weheartit

By Nichole Fratangelo

From time to time, we all need a little help in the sex department. Face it — it's not always going to look like a scene from Fifty Shades of Grey, but the positions ahead aren't too far off. 

1. Crisscross 

Also known as the "X," this position requires lots of kink, but not as much effort. To do: Lie on your back facing your partner so that your legs are crossing over one another to form an X.


2. CAT 

Here's how to get out of a sex rut: Get down to the science and anatomy of your hookup. The CAT (Coital Alignment Technique) aligns a woman's bits up with a guy's, so that both can get to an orgasmic place faster. To do: Have your man thrust up and down rather than side to side motion.

3. Spooning 

Your sex rut solution may very well be intimacy. The spooning position is much more useful than just for Netflix binge-watching. To do: Lying on both of your sides, have your partner enter you from behind.

4. Shower Sex  


Switching up your normal routine (or location) may be another important tip for getting out of a sex rut. The shower may be a less popular option, but an optimal choice for a new, exciting venture. To do: Keep it simple (and somewhat safe) with a bent over position, just as you would in bed.

5. Oral 

The position (that isn't quite a position) that often gets overlooked or rushed through: oral sex. Try spicing things up with oral only —​ so that the next time you go for the full shabang, it's that much better.