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What Drinking Lemon Water REALLY Does To Your Sex Drive

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There are so many things that can positively or negatively affect our sex drives

When I switched antidepressants I was rabid in my observations about my sex drive. If I even felt it start to dwindle, back to the doctor I went. 

Initially I felt a little bit embarrassed about this. I was suffering from unmanageable anxiety but I still wanted to enjoy sex, what kind of monster was I? 


But the truth is that no one should have to sacrifice a healthy sex drive for mental health, and good doctors will agree with you on that score. 

I don't know who first told me that drinking too much lemon water can kill your sex drive, but I know it's one of those weird facts that has stayed with me throughout my adult life.

After recently finishing a nice warm glass of lemon and water, I was reminded of this story and finally decided, using the power of the Internet, to get to the bottom of it.

It turns out that I'm not the only dingus who has taken to the web in search for the truth about this yellow citrus fruit and it's evil plans to keep us all from getting freaky on the regs. 

Many concerned folks had asked the internet for answers, and the internet talked back with a surprising unified front:

Absolutely not, lemon water is great


I'll be real with you guys, I felt like an idiot for even remotely believing that this could be a legitimate thing. Think of all the lemon water I had avoided in the hopes of getting lucky! 

Water is great for body, that there is a no brainer.

Adding lemon to the mix can do nothing but good things to your body!

It's got anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe constipation, and increase your overall blood flow. 

Increased blood flow = awesome for your genitals if we're talking about sex-having. 

But it's easy to figure out from this small bit of science where this myth started. 

I mean, just think about it. You'll get there. 

If you're drinking something to soothe constipation that means you're going to be well, pooping your brains out, not to mince words about it. 

And unless you're into scat, constant pooping does not equal a happy sex time. 

So yes, drink lots of lemon water and do not fear that you're killing your sex drive.

Just plan accordingly and don't down the stuff before hopping into the sack for a little bit of the old in and out, yeah?