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What Your Body Shape Says About Your Sexual Appetite

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When it comes to sex and love, there are so many invisible variables at play.

You try to play by the rules (no sex on the first date, don't call him first), but it seems like the stress doesn't even stop once you're actually IN a relationship!

It turns out that your body shape could be sending a message about how you behave in a relationship.

Stupid body, all doing things without us noticing. This is eating that entire pint of ice cream solo last night all over again.

Here's a breakdown of what your body shape has to say about your sex and dating life. Hopefully it helps! 

1. Rectangle Body Shape

Corporate Fashionista

Your idea of breaking out the sexy bedding is buying a new pair of sheets at LL Bean. You're a classic, rectangle. You're old fashioned, and men are drawn to that, if not to your raw sex appeal.

You tend to pick traditionally masculine dudes, you know, Don Draper types. 

2. Oval Body Shape

Corporate Fashionista

If you've got an oval shaped body you are the dominant one in your relationship. You are a woman in charge in life and the bedroom.

This sends some men running away, but it sends the right ones running to your bedroom. 

3. Triangle / Pear Body Shape

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Men are fascinated by women with triangle shaped (or pear shaped) bodies. That's because they tend to come across as shy when first you meet them, but then they exhibit a hypnotic wild side that lures men in and holds them close.

Meow! Your relationships have staying power. 

4. Hourglass Body Shape


​Women with hourglass shaped bodies present a sense of confidence and sex appeal which immediately garners the attention of the opposite sex.

But despite their presentation, hourglass women tend to be needy and clingy in relationships until they fully trust their partner. 

5. Inverted Triangle / Apple Body Shape 

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Women with inverted triangle shaped bodies expect A LOT out of their partner. And why shouldn't they? They are worth the world.

Apple shaped women also have high sex drives, keeping a dude coming back for more, more, more.