12 Legit Signs A Guy Likes You For Real

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12 Legit Signs A Guy Likes You For Real

It's easy to confuse the signs a guy likes you for real with the signals a guy will send if he just wants to hook up with you. He'll say anything and do anything just to get what he wants, and that's no joke.

With all the crazy stunts guys pull when they're trying to play a girl, it's easy to mistake a player for a guy who's actually into you.

There are twelve unmistakable signs a guy likes you.

1. He's not playing any phone games.

He calls you back when you miss a call. Text conversations happen almost as quickly as an in-person conversation.

Guys who are playing you will try to get you eager by waiting to text you back and acting like a horrible man by sending unsavory pictures. On the other hand, a guy who's seriously into you will not take that chance.

2. He makes a serious effort to impress, including paying a huge date bill.

A lot of guys will try to impress a girl they're serious about by flashing cash ... even if they don't have much to spend. If he's legit into you, chances are very high that he will do something a bit extreme to flex his awesome side.

3. He stands up for you.

If someone insults you, does he shoot right back at them? If he's willing to go the extra mile and defend you, chances are that he's not just playing you. He legitimately cares about you.

4. He has zero issues making it known that you're his girl.

Whether it's by proposing to you, introducing you to all of his friends, or showing you off to his family members, it's a sign that he really is into you. Guys don't hide girls they want to get serious with. That's something that's only done if he's still playing the field.

5. He talks about commitment all the time.

Players just don't do this, especially if you're not the one bringing up commitment in the first place.>

6. He travels to you, even when the travel time can be measured in hours.

That's love. That shows that you're a major priority and that he doesn't mind making an effort to see you. Most players won't walk further than 15 minutes.

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7. He's really persistent when it comes to trying to get you.

This guy just doesn't give up, does he? Though there's a definite line between creepy stalker and persistent, a guy who is persistent definitely is into you.

8. He makes a point to make plans.

A man knows what he wants and will go to great lengths to make it happen. As a result, he'll make plans with you and see to it that they're carried through.

9. Around you, he's an ever-burning inferno of passion.

He's passionate about his work. He's passionate about his life. He's passionate about you, too, and not in just the physical way.

If a guy is really into you, he'll want to learn all about you. He'll listen to what you have to say because it fascinates him.>

10. He takes an interest in what interests you.

Did he suddenly blossom into a major Steven Universe fan after you told him you love to watch the series? If he was just playing you, he wouldn't go out and watch the entire series.

11. He says he wants kids with you.

If there's anything a player does not want, it's kids with a woman he just wants to have no-strings sex with.

12. He really respects you — and your time.

Rather than calling you late at night, he calls you during the day. When it comes to dates, he's early rather than late. In terms of manners, he acts like he's read everything ever written by etiquette aficionado Emily Post.

Why would a guy do this? Because he's really into you and doesn't want to put you off of him.

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