10 Things About Kate McKinnon That'll Make You Love Her Even More

Photo: Imdb
kate mckinnon holtzmann ghostbusters gay

If you saw Ghostbusters then you already know and love Kate McKinnon

One flip of those shades and she stole my heart. She probably still has it and is conducting science experiments with it. I am totally okay with that. 

The SNL star stole the show with her portrayal of Jillian Holtzmann, the quirky (to the say the least), sexy (in the weirdest of ways), engineer responsible for creating all that Ghostbusting goodness, technologically speaking. 

I never thought watching a nerdy blond lick a pistol designed to slay ghosts would make me feel funny in my pants region, but here we are. 

But there's more to Kate McKinnon than her killer wink, and infectious smile. 

1. She went to Columbia, son! She's got brains for days.

While there she started a musical theatre improv group, proving it's only dorky if ugly people do it. It doesn't seem fair, either you get to be funny OR hot OR smart. WHY DOES SHE GET ALL OF THEM?

2. The only person better than her at doing an Ellen dance? Maybe Ellen.

Is there an impression she can't do? Answer. No. At least, we haven't found it yet. Look at Ellen's face in that GIF. She is loving every minute of it. God I wish they would make out. I mean, moving on...

3. She's the first out lesbian to appear on SNL. #Groundbreaker​

That. Is. Huge. Not only is she the first out lesbian on the show, but she's also only the third gay performer on SNL ever.

She's making making headway for LGBTQ community just by being herself and I love it. 

4. Her Hillary Clinton impression is on point.

Even Hillary agrees. Side note: Can you imagine walking into a bar and discovering that Hills was bartending and serving a Hills impersonator? My heart-vagina might explode. Also heart-vaginas = totally a thing. 

5. That wink tho....

I tend to get eye-roll-y when straight ladies swoon over a hot queer actress. But in this case all I feel is a swelling of great great pride. Provided no one utters the phrase "girl crush" in my vicinity. It's not a girl crush it's just a crush you weirdos. 

6. She enjoys woodworking but confesses she's not really any good at it.

You know who else I love who adores woodworking? RON SWANSON. Also, Jesus, but I go kind of hot and cold on that guy. 

7. She stole the show as Fitzwilliam, a British boy who dreamed of having a vagina, on the Big Gay Sketch Show

What a weird, hilarious, delightful bit. I love how kicky she is with her legs. Yup. That's a sentence I actually just wrote in earnest. 

8. Kate McKinnon's girlfriend Marla Mindelle is a musical theatre actress with killer pipes and a great sense of humor. Sorry, ladies!

I really really really need to hear these two sing together. Fun fact: They briefly had a two person comedy band after they started dating.


9. Together they are almost too adorable for words.

I just. I can't. I mean. Do you think they just stared at each other for the entire evening? Because I'll be real, I might have done just that. 

10. Her character in Ghostbusters? Lesbian and proud, confirmed by director Paul Feig

Oh my. Yes please. The world needs more lesbians in its media! Especially lesbians who aren't gratuitously killed off. I'm looking at you, EVERY TV SHOW THERE IS. 

11. She is the best Bieber to ever grace this earth

She's certainly made me a Belieber. God, she is so funny in this SNL skit. When she stops and earnestly says "I'm a big boy now," I die.