We Asked Women To Tell Us About Squirting During Sex And WHOA

It's about to get WET in here!

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I have goals when it comes to sex.

One of them is to learn how to squirt regularly.

It's only happened to me once, and I was alone at the time. It's the immortal question: If a woman squirts alone in the middle of the forest without a sex partner, does she make a sound?

I'm on a quest.

I know, I am an ambitious bear.

For years, no one knew whether or not squirting was a "real" thing when it came to women having orgasms. THANKS FOR NOTHING, PORN AND ALSO THE PATRIARCHY.


While some women do pee rather than ejaculate and identify that as squirting, others produce prostatic-specific antigen (PSA). This comes from the Skene gland which doctors often call the female equivalent of the prostate.

Female ejaculate is real and it is awesome as hell.

But women don't often talk about it! That ends today, along with any and all shame I may have once had.

I asked some real broads to dish the dirt about squirting and sex, and boy did they ever oblige.


Okay ladies, how did you first learn about squirting?

  • Porn. Porn. Porn. Also, Porn. This was the case for many of the women we talked to: "Porn, for sure. I can remember the video pretty clearly, actually. A young woman masturbating in the middle of a living room floor. I was kind of distracted by the random setting, to be honest."

  • If it wasn't porn, others discovered the phenomenon through their dude friends: "I had a male friend who told me about it."

  • But even in discovering it, not all the women polled believed it was real. "Porn, but I didn't realize it happened to real people for years," said one woman. "I thought it was fake, invented by porn," said another.

  • Other women's discoveries were well, wetter: "It happened to my face."

  • Finally, there was the Carrie Bradshaw school of squirting: "Sex and the City?"

Does the idea of squirting appeal to you? Why or why not?

  • "I'm indifferent. Stuff comes out of everyone. Volume and consistency is pretty much the only difference."

  • "No, most of the studies i've read say it's mostly urine, so I'm not trying to pee all over the place."

  • "Neutral. It's a normal thing that you can't control. So if you do it, great! If you don't, great!"

  • "Helllll naw. So messy. Ain't nobody got time for that."

  • "Not particularly, for similar reasons to not liking facials."

  • "Whatever floats one's boat."

  • "If I am the one causing the squirting for sure. I mean, if I could have success in all arenas in my life displayed by a fountain show I would. It's nice to know you've done a good job."

  • "No. To me, I don't think it would change the intensity or enjoyment of my orgasms."

  • "My goal is to come, not squirt."

  • "Not really, I guess, because it's one more thing to have to clean up. :) also, I've heard it's just pee."

  • "Not really. Dudes seem to like when they make you do it, but I don't see why it's a thing. I find it kind of gross."

  • "Yes and no. I love the way it feels, it's really the most amazing way a woman's body can relax and express how "fucking good this feels". It also doesn't hurt that it can turn almost any guy on, at least in my experience... The downside however, is that squirting can make one hell of a mess, and who enjoys sleeping in "the wet spot" or washing the sheets every time you get busy?"


Have you ever squirted? If yes, do you do so regularly?

  • It doesn't happen for everyone: "Nope."

  • "Yes; not regularly, but it happens sometimes"

  • Some think that childbirth makes it easier. "Yes. After having my second child, I now do it all the time."

  • "Yes, yes. I've squirted with a partner for many years but it wasn't until I got a pure wand and combo'd with the Hitachi that I could do it on my own."

  • For some it's easier to achieve with multiples. "Yes, as I get older, I do more especially after one or two orgasms."

  • The work can be worth it. "Yes - but I didn't always. I had to become comfortable with my body first. I'm able to do it if I'm really relaxed and not distracted, anxious or bothered by something else... Sounds impossible, huh? Sometimes it feels like I have to put a lot of focus or energy into it, other times it just happens... There will be times where I'll leave a small warm imprint on the couch, after I finish. Or other times- my sheets will be turn into a sweet, milky lake; soaking through my bed."


And now the big one: What does it feel like?

  • "It's like a super intense orgasm with a gushing sensation."

  • "Depends. Sometimes I don't even notice. Other times it is a floodgate."

  • "Honestly mostly peeing but also cumming. Shame?"

  • "Coming really hard and then a hot release"

  • "I didn't notice it when it happened. Was too busy with the orgasms."

  • "Pure release. Complete relaxation."

Now you're free to go unless you'd like to share a funny, or embarrassing, or awesome, or sweet squirting story here.

  • "Sex now requires hardwood floors, tile, or waterproof pads. Nothing says sexy like things you put on a baby registry."

  • "I'm supposed to drink 64 ounces of water a day so I will have maximum squirt-age but I am not a good girl with this. More hydration = my squirting."

  • "Isn't every squirt story funny? I have many to share- here's a short, but memorable one: my dog sleeps in bed with me. While men may come and go, my dog has always stood by my side. It's always amazed me how some men are surprised when I squirt. I believe every woman can do it if she tries. But anyway, after one adventure in the bedroom that involved squirting, my dog came out from under the bed and proceeded to hop right up next to the puddle of jizz and start licking it up like it was a milkshake. Gross..."