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Never Settle For Shitty Coffee, Shitty Friends Or Shitty MEN

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There's this incredibly misleading idea that it's cooler not to care. 

People want you to be easy going, to chill the fuck out. They want you to go with the flow and accept everything as it is. While that's a really nice way to live, and you should absolutely adopt this mindset for certain areas to have a happy life, it by no means works for everything. 

There are some things in life you never accept at a level of mediocrity. Some things you have to fight for.


People who don't know how to live up to their own standards, will try to make you feel bad about yours. They call you things like snobby, or spoiled. They want to make you feel like you're narcissistic or selfish for going after things that make you happy. 

But if you live your life always worrying about whether or not other people think you care too much, then you're going to have a very chill — but very boring — life. 

If passion scares people away, let them go. If your drive is "too much" for someone, cut them out. If you being clear and honest about what you want is considered demanding, then keep fucking demanding. 

Your life should be a reflection of the things you love most and what makes you happy. You shouldn't be afraid to make that known. If you act like you don't care, than you're going to get things you don't care about. It's that simple. 


There are a million different things you have zero control over and should just chill out and be happy with whatever it is. Most (in fact, nearly all) of those things have to do with other people, and what they think, feel and do. You should let your expectations of other people go, because people's actions are something you can never change. 

What you can change is what you allow into your life. You have control over the standard of living you hold yourself up to. 

So don't settle for shitty friends who use you for rides or free drinks. Don't hold onto shitty men who never follow through with plans and always keep you waiting. And never, EVER, settle for shitty coffee. Pay the extra couple bucks and get yourself something nice. 

Life is too short to waste your energy on things that are constantly draining you. So stop worrying about being chill and focus on what you can do to be happy.