Alcoholic Seltzer Is Here So We Can Be Drunk And Hydrated All Summer

The ultimate summer drink.

alcoholic seltzer SpikedSeltzer

Pretty much every time I go out with my friends, I get made fun of. 

Not for my dance moves or my flirting skills at the bar (though I wouldn't be surprised), but for how much water I'm drinking. 

Yes I like to get a little tipsy and let loose with some shots or sangria, but I also have a deep hatred for hangovers. I've had one too many mornings of waking up groggy and awful, that I'll do pretty much anything (except the obvious) to avoid going overboard. 


So I keep hydrated. I drink a full glass of H2O in between my alcoholic beverages in hopes of easing the next day's pain. It's not a perfect system, but it keeps me safe. 


Still, the hangovers happen because the only things I really like to drink are sugary awful delicious mixed drinks. Even though my head will be pounding the next morning, I can't help but order a margarita or a fruity cocktail. Straight alcohol just isn't my thang. 


But thanks to world that's constantly looking to improve my boozy nights, I may have found a solution: alcoholic seltzer. 

Not only is SpikedSeltzer gluten-free, it contains 6% alcohol which will give you the same buzz as your carb-loaded, bloat-inducing beer would! 

Oh did I mention this unicorn product only contains five grams of carbs per bottle? WELL IT DOES. 

And to give you more reasons to stock up on this awesome beverage, you should know that they come in flavors such as cranberry, lime, orange and grapefruit. Otherwise known as the summer-iest flavors of all time. 



You can get these bad boys at your local Whole Foods for eight a six-pack for $9.99 or a 12-pack of $16.99 and you can see the whole collection on their site. Depending on how turnt you wanna get.  

So obviously this seltzer won't keep me nearly as hydrated as the original H2O, and I shouldn't give up on my water intake just yet. But I think it's safe to say that we're moving in the direction of such. 

Who knows, maybe alcoholic water will be the next big thing? You could get in your eight glasses a day and have a boozey night with your friends simultaneously. Or maybe they'll invent a no-hangover alcohol and we can all drink without worrying about the impact it'll have on our bodies the next day!  


With all the love we have for alcohol, anything is possible.