This Brilliant Water Bottle Glows When You Need To Drink More Water

Why didn't WE think of this?

 Drink Your Water. iStock

I like water a lot. I always have. When I was younger, my mother used old mayonnaise jars to carry water around in for me. She thought it was better to recycle a glass jar than buy countless bottles of bottled water. 

She was right — it was better for the environment, though if I'd been older I would've been embarrassed by my ecologically friendly water-jar.

As an adult, I have a water bottle and glasses of water all around me. I have two glasses of water next to the bed — one for me and one for my cat, Allie. Both she and Yoshi (my other cat) prefer my water to their own freshly changed bowls. Human water is just better.


And for me, water is a cure for almost anything.

Hungover? Drink some water. Have a stomach ache or any other digestive issue? Drink water. I take water when I go on a walk, go to a show, and even take water with me to doctor's appointments (waiting makes me thirsty).

Even though I'm so water-obsessed, I don't drink nearly enough, so I started keeping track of it in a notebook. I aimed for eight glasses of water a day, but often forgot to mark each glass. I started cheating on my water intake, saying that a large glass was equal to two glasses.

It was when I started forgetting to drink water that I knew I had a water problem. 


So, I put a big glass of water right in front of me. After Yoshi accidently tipped an entire glass of water on my computer, I had to use a water bottle, but with its calming blue color, it was easy to ignore.  

Drinking enough water is important for all of us — it flushes out toxins, carries important nutrients to our cells, helps us digest, and helps our kidneys to filter everything they need to (so our intestines don't get blocked ... ew, but the alternative is worse). If you're not diligent, how can you be sure you're drinking enough water?

HidrateMe has created a water bottle that lets you know when you should have some water by glowing. It tracks how much water you're drinking and syncs it to your phone. If you need help creating hydration goals, it also customizes for you.

The HidrateMe water bottle glows when it thinks you might be dehydrated. And trust me, getting dehydrated isn't fun and can be dangerous, leading to muscle cramps, dizziness, and headaches.


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HidrateMe currently has a Kickstarter campaign going on, with bottles costing $39.00 and a delivery date Winter 2015. The campaign has way past exceeded their goal, and the donations keep coming.


This smart bottle comes in a variety of colors, keeps track of your water intake, and has a one year battery life. Even better, it looks cooler than a mayonnaise jar, and is completely leak proof so it won't destroy your computer.

If you can't trust yourself to drink enough water, you can always count on technology.