10 Steamy Reasons Shower Sex Is The BEST Kind Of Sex

Wet & wild.

10 Steamy Reasons Shower Sex Is The BEST Kind Of Sex WeHeartIt

I am a total believer in water as a form of therapy. It relaxes me like nothing else, which is why I decided to make the shower the first place I ever masturbated, way back when. So I think, why not bring my partner into that space every now and then too?

Being in my partner’s arms under the hot shower head is one of the warmest and most intimate moments I know. And so, for all the shower sex haters out there (ahem, including right on this site), here are my top 10 reasons why shower sex is affectionate, practical, and hot. No, really.


1. The shower is the only place where you can use the shower head as a sex toy.


2. It’s good to mix things up — the shower is a new place to do it, and, unlike a hotel room, it’s free.

3. Got roommates? The running water of the shower disguises your glory moans.


4. Even when things are getting dirty, the shower keeps everything clean. It’s much easier to wash off that pearl necklace when the water is already running.

5. Speaking of being clean, can you say butt play? (Just remember to bring along silicone lube for anything more hardcore than a pinkie or tongue poke.)

6. Also: period sex!



7. You’re already naked, why not get down to business?

8. Washing your partner’s body makes for awesome foreplay.

9. Being completely naked with your partner lets you really see each other. You get the chance to appreciate each other’s bodies without mood lighting or lingerie. Sounds scary, but once you’ve done it you’ll be glad you did.

10. All that literal steam can make things feel extra steamy.