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Sometimes The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side Because It's FAKE

Photo: WeHeartIt

People show their best lives on social media. Sometimes it's cute, and sometimes those lives are hella staged.

Scrolling through your feed can easily make you feel like everyone in the world is happy but you. Even though Susie works at Taco Bell and lives with her parents, her perfectly timed "candid" photos can make her seem like a local celebrity.

Let's face it, the standard level for being a normal human being has gone way up. 

No matter what your job title or income status may be, you're expected to have a following. It's almost like you can't actually be happy unless everyone knows you're happy. You feel? 

We stage our breakfast plates, office papers and cats. We try on hundreds of filters and edit options before making the final decision. We know posting more than three times a day is social suicide. 


One time I was at a party, and I witnessed a girl spend, I kid you not, two hours trying to take a cute group picture with her friends. There were props, changes in setting and one guy was even fired from taking the photo because he didn't get the importance of angles. 

Shit was no joke. 

While on the surface level I find it totally entertaining, really it's quite sad. 

This unrealistic ego boost can make people focus more on their fake lives, than their real ones.

The overall lesson we learned from the movies and TV shows we watched as kids was to not live for other people's approval. Yet here wer are, literally taking 6,000 photos of the same damn thing hoping at least ONE will garner more than 60 likes. And then we wonder why we're unhappy.


Personally, I love the documentation aspect of social media and how I can relive almost a complete day through a combination of my feeds.

When used correctly, it's a way to capture the moments of your life — not make one up all on your own. 

I get only wanting to put your best foot forward so you can tell subtly tell your ex to go eat a dick because he missed out on you and your awesome life. But can we at least make that foot an authentic, unfiltered one?