7 Craaazy Things That Happen To Your Mood When You Stop Having Sex

Get thee to a penis, stat!

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Sex is a natural part of being alive. When it ends, we are going to be feeling pretty down and it's going to impact our bodies in all sorts of unexpected ways. It may also have made an impact on our moods.

"Women who stop having it give up feeling sexy, desirable and 'juicy.' This can have a major effect on a woman's mood and happiness. Our unhappiness shows in everything we do: our relationship with our children, our relationship with our body, our work productivity and output, our interest in working out, and our engaging in hobbies to express and expand ourselves. So no sex can translate to no quality of life and depression," says Dr. Gilda Carle, a relationship and lifestyle expert.


"Even if there's no special partner around, every woman should continuously pleasure herself ON HER OWN, so her sexiness and 'juiciness' is transparent. That way, in case she does want to expand her status with a partner, she'll look like she's ready!" she says.

What happens to your mood when you stop having sex depends upon the sex you were having before you stopped and the reason you stopped.

1. You're more likely to feel sad or irritable.



Generally, sex is great for the mood.

"Sex increases the production of dopamine in the pleasure center of the brain. This reinforces sexual behavior and is part of the evolutionary process that makes us want to create the experience again for survival of our species. For some people, the diminished production of dopamine when they stop having sex can cause them to feel sad or irritable. Others will boost their brain chemistry with chocolate, alcohol, drugs, food, or masturbation," says Dr. Nicki Nance, a licensed psychotherapist.

2. You feel depressed.

Studies have shown that sex can act as antidepressant, which means if you stop having sex, you may be feeling pretty down.


3. You may forget to have sex after being abstinent for so long.


The human sexual response has three components: desire, arousal, and orgasm.

"As both men and women age, the testosterone that regulates desire decreases. They may not think about having sex at all, but once the process begins, they become aroused and can achieve orgasm. A person who is not in a relationship might not even recognize a declining mood due to a lack of sexual stimulation," says Nance.


4. You can develop insomnia.

Sex is great to help you get sleepy at the end of day, meaning if you stop having sex, sleep may be more elusive than it was before. Less sleep can mean more stress, more mood swings, and less ability to function during your day.

5. ​You become more stressed.


"When has fun ever been stressful? Sex is a great way to relieve stress; get it all out, so to speak," says Dr. Angela, an OB/GYN and women's health expert. "Feeling more anxious lately? How about stressed? Well, try a little sex. Better yet, how about a lot of sex? A 2010 Princeton study noted increased cell growth in the area of the hippocampus, the region of the brain associated with anxiety regulation."


6. You can gain weight and lose self-esteem.

Many times, a woman who isn't having sex will put on weight, as though the insertion of food into her mouth can replace a penis in her vagina.

"Of course, no woman consciously says, 'When I eat this banana, I think about being penetrated.' These thoughts are unconscious. Nonetheless, the body reflects every word — spoken and unspoken — a woman thinks about herself. So if a woman is gaining weight and she thinks it's just her food intake, she should examine the whys behind her cravings," says Dr. Gilda.


7. You find it difficult to ease your physical pain.


"It has also been purported that the endorphins released during sex act as natural painkillers; some are recommending sex as a way to treat menstrual cramps!" says Dr. Angela.

Move over, Motrin and Aleve! There's a cheaper, more natural remedy in town.