This Dad's HILARIOUS Daycare Wardrobe Error Is Making Our Entire Day

Photo: Scary Mommy
dad wardrobe malfunction
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"I plead ignorance." -Dad

When we were babies — a time when all we cared about was eating, sleeping, and pooping — we could always trust mom to make us look hella cute while doing it. Not to say that we can't trust on good ol' dad for that, but mom knew our wardrobe in and out. Maybe it's because she was the one who picked a good majority of the clothing in there.

So when this dad made the mistake of sending his baby girl off to daycare in this outfit, mom definitely noticed that something was... missing.

Brooke Basso normally dressed the baby, but that morning she had a job interview to get to. Like any good husband and loving father, Jeremy Basso volunteered to do it. And when mom arrived at daycare to pick her up, this hilarious exchange happened:

That's right. Dad missed a crucial part needed when you wear overalls.

"When I picked her up, I thought perhaps she made a mess on the shirt and the daycare took it off. Our provider simply laughed and said, 'Nope, she came like this!'" Brooke said in an article for Scary Mommy.

She and her husband laughed about the situation, and like anyone with a good and funny story to tell, she posted about it on social media. Low and behold, moms from all over commented with their own hilarious stories of wardrobe malfunction, courtesy of the dads.

One woman tells the story of how her husband took their baby grocery shopping, and dropped her off at mom's work wearing a stuffed Yoda's robe! When she asked about it, he simply said that he saw it on their older son's bed. "It was so soft. I put it on her," he said. 

Another mom told a story about how her husband, not realizing the difference, put "Build-A-Bear" clothes on their baby. She realized because she saw the hole where the tail was supposed to go.

These funny stories may make dad look like a fool who doesn't know how to dress a baby, but the fact that he tried is commendable and praiseworthy. Besides, babies look cute in whatever they wear anyway.