Clothing Line Lets Kids Design Their Own Clothes

Picture This Clothing lets kids be their own designers.

At one point or another, all kids want to do things for themselves. How often have parents heard the cry, "I can do it myself"? Kids are so creative, and when they see the results of something they've created, they feel excited and happy.

A clothing line for kids called Picture This has managed to create something that not only allows children to be super-creative, but celebrates it.

Picture This turns children's drawings into actual clothing they can wear. Your child draws a picture, and before long they're wearing their own designer creation.

Right now, designs on dresses are the only option, but the company plans to offer more selections in the future, including T-shirts for boys and girls. Who doesn't love a little wearable art — especially when it's your own art?

Mother of two, Jaimee Newberry, is the genius behind Picture This. She wanted the garments to be something that kids would really want to wear and was something that was of high quality.

"We wanted to make sure that the finished piece of clothing that arrives in your mailbox is a great piece of clothing," Newberry said.

Here's the first dress that was the original inspiration for Picture This:

The process is simple but brilliant:

  1. Pick the correct size of the garment, print out a coloring sheet, and let your child go wild with their creativity and imagination.
  2. Take a photo of the finished design and send it to Picture This
  3. Wait for what will feel like forever for your child, but will actually be approximately two weeks.
  4. When the outfit arrives in the mail, have your child try it on, and it will soon become their favorite thing to wear. There's a high probability that your child will want to wear their designed outfit everywhere, and you may have trouble convincing them to wear anything else.

When Picture This first launched, the internet went insane and orders came in from all over the world. Right now, you can order a dress for $49 and a matching 18" doll dress for an additional $25, or 11" doll dress for an extra $10.

All photos: Jaimee Newberry/Picture This

No doubt, Picture This is helping to create some clothing designers of the future. Project Runway, take note.