The Wine Purse. For Women Who Want To Drink And Shop Simultaneously.

Photo: Uncommon Goods

At the end of a very long day, it always feels good to just kick and relax with a glass of wine (or three) while watching your favorite trashy reality show on TV. Sometimes, you wish that you had access to such a luxury during the day. You probably wish you could just discreetly carry a bottle of wine with you everyday and sneak a drink now and then.

Guess what? In this day and age, with creative minds everywhere willing to make life easier and happier for their fellow men, this wish can come true!

The online shop UncommonGoods has the Wine Dispensing Tote Bag. It looks just like any other fun and colorful bag that can secretly hold boxed wine. Take a look!

According to the site, designer Tracey Luebbers was looking for an easier way to transport wine and other beverages to various outdoor events, but couldn't find any. So she went ahead and designed her own, and after many prototypes, she finally made the Wine Dispensing Tote Bag in 2014.

The purse is made from polyester, metal, and polyethylene. It's big enough to carry your daily essentials such as your cell phone, wallet, makeup, and it's even big enough for travel cups. It can hold a five liter box of wine or any other beverage to your fancy

At the bottom of the bag is an attached spout for easy wine dispensing, and it comes with a cold pack (to keep your booze chilled) and a plastic insert. You can get it for $129.95, plus shipping.

"Whether you're heading for a beach day with the girls or an afternoon picnic, this stylish bag completes your ensemble with boozy bravado," says the product description. 

But if you prefer something a little classier than a casual-looking tote bag, UncommonGoods also has this sleek wine sack. It's much smaller and can only carry three liters of boxed wine. Unlike the tote bag, it doesn't come with a spout.

Well, it's certainly going to be a fun and interesting summer, because you literally have wine right at your fingertips.

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