Find Out What The Shape Of Your Butt Says About How Healthy You Are

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Find Out What The Shape Of Your Butt Says About How Healthy You Are

There are 4 butt shapes ... which one do you have?

Butts are wonderful.

You laugh, but(t) it's true! 

Without them there are so many things we couldn't do. Think about it. Wear jeans well? Forget it. Issue a triumphant fart? I think not. Steal the heart of an ass man? More like give him nightmares. SITTING? More like laying down on your stomach and dreaming of a better life. 

But(t) (again, sorry, I can't be stopped from such dorkiness) our butts are more than just useful and humorous flabby appendages. It turns out that their shape can teach us a lot about the long term state of our health. And here you thought all they were good for was looking damn ass fine in spandex. Just call me Detective Butts because I am on the case! 

1. V-Shaped Butt 

This is butt shape most commonly found in older women. Changes in hormone levels and decreased levels of collagen, means the usually thick portion of a backside goes walkabout. If your butt looks like this, try working more protein into your diet, along with a multivitamin and exercise. 

2. The Heart Shaped Butt 

In their prime, women with heart shaped butts make the rest of us see green with envy. But watch out: This shape tends to gain more weight in the midsection as they age, and are more prone to heart disease. Be sure to visit your doctor regularly, and I don't mean Dr. Squats. 

3. Circle Shaped 

When with big, full circular butts tend to be smarter and healthier overall. GO YOU AND YOUR BUTT, YOU DID IT! Downside, circular butts are more prone to cellulite deposits. But WHO CARES OMG. 

4. Square Shaped 

Sometimes it is hip to be square, but that is not the case when you are a butt. Square butts indicate a weak core, and a weak core can lead to a low immune system. Square butts can also mean an excess of fat around the love handles which can lead a person at higher risk for stroke or a heart attack. 

What's your butt shape?