Ladies & Gents: This Is The PROPER Way To Groom Your Butt

In case you were wondering...

Don't forget to groom your backside. weheartit

Although you know your ass looks great in those tight jeans you wear, you may not be paying enough attention to grooming it as you should. 

In an article on GQ, writer Stephen J. Praetorius gives the low down behind ass grooming.

He says, "While it may not be the first thing you worry about, believe us when we say that you can't keep an 'out of sight out of mind' attitude about grooming your hind quarters."


Here's what men need to do to get that well-groomed butt.

1. Shave your behind. 


You'll need a cartridge razor, as opposed to a single blade, because a cartridge razor has a rounded head and will help you navigate your booty's curves and contours. Be sure to shave both of the cheeks and the ass crack, use a moisturizing shave cream, and hold a handheld mirror to help make sure you're not missing anything. Lastly, use light, quick strokes to gently get rid your ass hair. No one wants a razor burn on their butt.


2. Trim the ass hair.

If you're not ready to have your butt be as bare as a baby's bottom, then just do a trim job. You'll want to get a body-specific clipper so you don't trim something that should never be trimmed ... like your flesh.

3. Wax the hair off. 


The trouble with shaving and trimming is that you're going to have stubble if you aren't vigilant in doing it regularly. If you do decide to get your ass hair waxed, by all means, go to a professional. Yes, it will probably be painful but not as painful as it would be if you have some kind of hot wax accident. 


4. Epilate the hair away. 

Epilators are electronic devices that temporarily remove hair at the follicle level. Think tweezers on steroids. Be prepared because it does hurt, but after the first few times it will get better — not totally unpainful, but better.

5. Get your itchy ass under control.



Don't panic! This is a completely common condition stemming from a number of different factors including allergies (food, clothing, detergent) to not doing a good enough job wiping. In some rare cases, it could be a sign of colorectal or anal cancer, so definitely get it checked out if it seems troubling.

Otherwise, if you manage to keep your ass as dry as possible, you'll minimize the chafing that's usually the cause of the irritation. Also, avoid using baby wipes, as they can lead to further itching. 

6. Defeat swamp ass. 


Your ass can get really sweaty and wet, especially in the summer time. Try to wear shorts or pants made out of wicking fabrics (they draw moisture away from the body) or loose-fitting cotton underwear that will help to absorb moisture and keep it away from the skin. You can also use things like Gold Bond spray (cooling, absorbing and relieving), and a quick swipe of antiperspirant can help keep your backside dry.

When you have a well-groomed ass, not only will you look better, but you'll feel much better, too