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Being Single Is Only Fun When You STOP Taking Love So Seriously

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Currently my love life can be described in one word: nonexistent. 

Yes, it has it's perks. Like sleeping diagonally in a bed, experiencing zero romantic jealousy, never having my phone blown up with novel-long text arguments, getting to be a total slut and sleep with whoever I want, yada yada ya. 

And while that's all awesome and wonderful — and I wouldn't trade it for just another lame relationship — it can also, at times, be super boring and slightly depressing. 

I feel it when I'm out with all my friends and realize that I'm literally the only single person there. I feel it when the only guys who text me are ones who want to have a drink after 10 p.m. I feel it when I'm constantly bombarded with the question, "Why are you still single?" 

And yes mom, most of these sad moments are fueled by alcohol. But that doesn't make them any less real. And the more they happen, the more I start to believe the illusion. 


Being single is fun when you're not thinking about being single.

When you're wrapped up in your career, traveling, starting new hobbies and getting closer to your friends, you're not worried about who's not calling you. It's when it feels like the whole world is shoving love in your face and making you feel bad about not having it. 

But no one is purposely making you feel bad. This one, my friend, is all on you. 

So no, you can't blame your annoying cousin for filling your Pinterest feed with wedding ideas or your mom for always wanting to update your Tinder bio. They're living their own lives and being inquisitive about yours is just a sign that they love you. 

They're not directly telling you that you suck because you don't have a boyfriend. You're the only one making yourself feel that way. 


Life is full of ups and downs, and you'll never be consistently happy forever. And usually when you stop being happy, it's because you've forgotten about one really important thing: having fun. 

People want to tell you that dating is hard and sucks and is full of bratty dudes who just want to bang you. And half of that is true, but that doesn't mean you can't find some way to enjoy it. 

Go on dates for the sake of going on dates and meet your friends for wine later to tell them how awful it went. Make your Tinder bio a joke and see how many guys play along. Date for fun, and stop taking love so seriously. 

Finding a boyfriend should never be your main priority. It should be something fun that happens along the way while you're chasing after your dreams. 

So to hell with making yourself miserable. Enjoy your big-ass bed, sleep with whoever you want, and live your single life to the fullest possible extent.