Why You NEED To Try This Revolutionary Condom ... Like, NOW

lelo hex condom

When people think of condoms, they think protection.

Protection from diseases, and for women, security from an unwanted pregnancy. But unfortunately condoms aren’t perfect, and there’s a lot more precaution one must take in order to avoid these things. Some, if not most, use birth control, which is extremely important. Others result to the “Pull Out” method. This does not always work.

That’s where LELO HEX comes into play. This magical condom not only provides unbelievable protection, but surprising comfort as well.

Founder of LELO HEX condom's Filip Sedic explained to Tech Insider that when pressure is applied to the condom, it stretches in six directions from any point. This flexibility makes it more forgiving of tension. If you poke a hole in it, the damage stays contained in the single cell. It doesn't break as easily or quickly as a traditional condom would. Actor Charlie Sheen, who was recently diagnosed with HIV, is a backer for this product, and says in a video on the site that, “condoms haven’t changed in 70 years…until now”. ​

Designers placed the hexagonal design on the inside, drawing inspiration from non-slip tires, to prevent slippage. But despite it's advanced protection, what men will be ultimately looking for is comfort. Luckily this condom has it all figured out. The condom is just 0.055 millimeters thick, making it comparable in width to the Durex Extra Sensitive and the Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated condoms. This is a major “Hell yes” for us ladies. How many times have you had your guy complain about his condom being “uncomfortable” or saying he can’t “feel anything”. Well invest in this lightweight lubricated gem and he will have nothing to complain about.

These are definitely the condoms of the 21st century and a great way to finally luring your man into actually wanting to wear a condom. But all great things come with a price. You can purchase a 3 pack for $9.90, a 12 pack for $19.90, or a 36 pack for $34.90. But they are worth every penny. These condoms will not only enhance his pleasure and comfort, but it will give you a little piece of mind in knowing you will less likely have any unwanted buns in the oven.