Just Have Him Pull Out To Avoid Getting Pregnant?

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It's the cheapest and best kind of birth control according to one sex researcher.

Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles…watch out!  A new study indicates that there is another method of birth control that may be almost as effective as condoms in preventing pregnancy.  The best part is, it doesn’t require any pill, patch, or plastic; doesn't include side effects of weight gain or nausea; and there’'s no wasted rip'n'roll time. Read: Spray-On Condom

It's withdrawing, or "pulling out" as it is often referred.

The study, by sex researcher Rachel K. Jones, indicates that "if the male partner withdraws before ejaculation every time a couple has vaginal intercourse, about 4 % of the couples will become pregnant over the course of a year."  With an 18% failure rate, the pull-out method comes pretty close to matching up with that of the condom’s 17% failure rate.

Whaaaa?  Haven't we been taught forever that pulling out is the worst method of birth control? Haven't we been giving up on the pleasure of condomless sex because it's almost guaranteed that pulling out will leave us preggers? And, sidenote, condoms have a 17% failure rate? Why did no one tell me?!

This news is huge and sure to change some people's decisions in the bedroom. Will people abandon the long loved (or loathed-but-dealt-with-because-having-a-baby-is-a-whole-lot-worse-than-a-little-less-sensitivity) latex that’s legacy as one of the most popular methods of contraception has lasted for over 400 years? It's making me think a little bit…

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