Sushi Donuts Are A Thing Now Because This World Is Out Of Control

Photo: mashable

With each passing year, it seems that there's always a new food trend thought up by genius, creative minds. With that, are you a fan of sushi? What about donuts? Do you ever wish you could combine the two and have some kind of sushi-donut hybrid? Or a donut-sushi hybrid?

Probably not. I mean, who thinks of these things? But apparently, there are some who have thought about these things. In addition to tequila-covered donuts and galaxy donuts, you can now add the sushi donut to the list of interesting donuts of the world. 

Sam, also known as @sobeautifullyraw on Instagram, brought the sushi donut to the attention of HelloGiggles who reported on the exciting new food trend. Sam "makes delicious vegan food creations that will have you skipping to the nearest supermarket for supplies." 

The sushi donut is pretty much just your regular sushi molded into the shape of a donut. Take a look at it below!

Photo: Instagram

In Japan, sushi has a vast history dating back to the eighth century: "The original type of sushi was first developed in Southeast Asia as a means of preserving fish in fermented rice."

Unlike the other trendy donuts that are either limited editions or cost more than your monthly paycheck, you can make the sushi donut in the comfort of your own home and using your own preferred ingredients.

"Simply grease a donut mould with coconut oil, mould in cooled sushi rice and then gently remove by lifting the pan upside down. Decorate with black sesame, ginger, wasabi, cashew mayo and avocado," says Sam.

Photo: ABC News

Sam's sushi donut is vegan, but you can replace her ingredients with fresh fish if you so prefer.

It's exciting to see the creative minds of this generation break out of the cells of the status quo and create beautiful (and delicious!) works of art, which may have seemed ridiculous to people years before. But now, their uniqueness is celebrated. So, in turn, we should celebrate with a box of yummy sushi donuts!