These 9 Foods Will Give You The Most POWERFUL Orgasms Ever

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9 Types Of Food That Help Men And Women Have Better Orgasms

We've all heard about the magical, erotic qualities of oysters and other aphrodisiacs, but there are other foods out there that not only get you turned on but can also send you on your way to the best orgasms of your life!

Here are 9 types of food that can bring you the most powerful orgasm you've ever experienced:

1. Oranges

Studies have shown that Vitamin C is a necessary component in keeping our sexual organs happy. Dig into a vitamin-rich orange to get all the C you need.

2. Olive Oil

This good fat signals your body to start producing testosterone, which is especially useful for women who are having a little trouble getting to their climax.

3. Eggs

Loaded with the vitamins B5 and B6, which are great for maintaining hormone levels, eggs are also largely protein, which gives you the long-lasting energy you need in the sack.

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4. Zinc-rich foods (such as lean red meat and brown rice)

Zinc helps slow the production of prolactin, which can pump the breaks in the bedroom and stop your orgasm in its tracks.

5. Ginseng Tea 

For men especially, ginseng tea is like orgasm lighter fluid due to high concentrations of ginsenoside.

6. Peppers

The hotter the better, as they increase your metabolism and get your blood flowing to all the essential areas of your body. Just don't pick one so hot that you have to take a cold shower and ruin the moment!

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7. Garlic

Another tool to increase blood flow, garlic is rich in allicin. Just remember to have a breath mint before you get down to business.

8. Watermelon

Is your man having trouble rising to the occasion? Give him some watermelon! Full of citrulline, watermelon is believed to act as a natural form of Viagra. If nothing else, it's certainly way cheaper (and tastier) than a little blue pill.

9. Sushi

This Japanese delicacy, perfect for your next date night, combines fatty fish (tuna or salmon) with seaweed, both of which are believed to give TLC to your nether regions. So order a salmon skin roll and lock the door!