The BEST Thing A Woman Can Have Is Her Sh*t Together

Photo: WeHeartIt

Quit slackin' and make it happen.

In times of desperation — like being on your couch for so long you start to mold into kind of desperation — we often turn to other people for security. 

For some reason, being alone is always seen as something to change, a stage of transition. We're told we need to "learn how to be alone," in a way that keeps us hoping and waiting for the person that saves us from ourselves. 

The goal is to be in relationship, or at least to be surrounded by people who make you feel worthwhile. And while that's a good goal to have, it shouldn't take away from the fact that in order to be confident, independent human beings, we need to learn to lean on ourselves.


As naturally flawed creatures of this planet, we're prone to blaming anything and everything for our problems. Bad weather, our moms and stars not aligning in the proper astrological way take the heat for shit we should have taken responsibility for a long time ago. 

Confidence is owning up to what is in your control as much as it is letting go of what's not. 

The absolute best thing you can do for yourself when you're feeling down and out is to learn WHY you're feeling down and out. Pin point the problem and find an effing solution rather than moan and groan over why your life is so rough. 


Sure, there are hundreds of thousands of things that are beyond your control that you have every right to complain about.

But spending all your energy focusing on the unproductive and the negative will get you nowhere. 

(That's a promise.) 

So vent, journal, scream, do whatever is necessary to get the initial feelings out and then spend the rest of your momentum on building a solution and something better for youself. Come up with plan, and stick to it. 

Because life really is what we make it.