Kid Scarred For Life As Couple Has Sex In Public Just Inches Away

Forget getting a room, this couple needed to start with getting a babysitter.

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Officials in Portugal are on the hunt for a middle-aged couple caught on film having sex in public next to an underage girl.

Tabuao beach is a popular destination for families. Its riverside location makes for relaxing summer days. But this still unknown couple got way too relaxed.

The woman tied a sarong around her waist (for modesty, which lol) and then mounted her male partner. Watch one second of the 11 minute video and there’s no doubt as to what exactly is going on. Yup, sex in public, that's what's happening. 


The couple makes no effort to hide what they are up to. They know they are being filmed and appear to relish it. The woman, without missing a beat, even smiles at the camera.

Their relationship to the young girl seated beside them has yet to be determined. But many people who have seen the video believe them to be the girl’s parents.


Whatever their relationship, there’s no argument that their behavior is beyond inappropriate.

It is, in fact, criminal.

The woman even enjoys a quick chat with the girl at one point while in the midst of her public sex session. It’s clear she has zero issue.

Not to be all pearl-clutching about this, but if this couple is so laissez faire about their sexual life in public, imagine what’s going on at home!

Portuguese authorities have already launched an investigation. They can’t get to the bottom of this fast enough.


I’m all for being open with your kids about sex. I think having a healthy evolving conversation promotes a normalized relationship with sex with as the kids get older.

But deliberately exposing your kid to your own ugly bumping is just abuse, straight up.

It’s crazy to think that this was happening apparently while the couple in question was surrounded by other beach goers! And here I was thinking that my secret fantasy of having sex in a well-locked restaurant bathroom was outre.

I’m really impressed that this story was turned over to the police so quickly.  All too often crimes like this just become YouTube fodder and the gravity of the wrongdoing is wiped out by the viral potential of the story.


In addition to their central investigation, Portuguese police have also procured the involvement of a specialized youth sex crimes unit.

Whatever excuse the couple has for their behavior, that little girl needs an ally and I’m glad the government is taking it so seriously.

images: Daily Mail