7 Worst Public Places Couples Were Caught Doing It

Because there are some places where you really just shouldn't shag.

couple kissing street sign

It's one thing to go a little out of your element by screwing around in unconventional spots. It's another to have a full-blown public romp sesh, much to the misfortune of unsuspecting bystanders (FYI, if we wanted porn, we'd go home and open up our laptops).

Here are the seven craziest places people have been caught getting it on like Donkey Kong.

1. On The Roof Of Chipotle
Recently, a Delaware couple decided to have sex on the roof of a Chipotle Mexican Grill. During dining hours. The cops attempted to stop the steamy sesh; they fled. And then they were caught. We saw that one coming.


2. At A Holy Site
One couple was arrested after allegedly doing the deed in NYC's St. Patrick's Cathedral, which was, apparently a "radio stunt." We've had better ideas.

3. In A Pediatrician's Office

A couple went to jail after they allegedly had sex on the front lawn of a pediatric office in Florida. And young children watched. Possibly the most disturbing event ever to take place? Check.

4. In The Back Of A Cop Car
One woman gave her boyfriend a BJ after their alleged drug bust. While they were sitting in the back of the squad car. Um, not sexy, guys.

couple caught cops


5. On The Hood Of A Cop Car
A Dutch couple decided that making love on the hood of a cop car would be sexy. Unfortunately for them, there were actually two cops still in the car. Really, people? Enough with the cop cars.

6. On A Handrail
A naked Russian woman was found outside, with her head stuck in a handrail. This was after she and her boyfriend had gotten it on, against said handrail. The jerk boyf disappeared after she got wedged in. We basically don't recommend this ever.

7. At An Elementary School
At Sandridge Elementary School, principal Leroy Coleman got down and dirty with a teacher. The married dude actually did this with several different women. And he apparently forgot about the security cameras. Can you say scumbag?


Photo: weheartit.com