A Classy Lady Still Knows How To Be A B*TCH When Necessary

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A Confident, Classy Lady Knows How To Be A Bitch When Needed

When you're strong and confident, a lot of people will try to tear you down. 

Whether it's based out of jealousy or insecurity, it doesn't really matter.

These petty kind of people don't deserve your attention — most of the time. 

At its core, confidence is being able to live your life unapologetically and without worrying about what anyone else thinks. Usually, when people talk about you or try to suck you into drama — which you KNOW they will — you should take the high road and ignore their bullshit. And sometimes, that's enough. 

But sometimes, you just have to be a bitch. 


Being confident and classy doesn’t mean you don’t get to defend yourself. If someone is out there royally shitting on your character, career or relationships, then it’s time to speak up. 

Strong ladies know how to be a bitch — in the most respectful way possible. 

You don’t lower yourself to their level and tarnish this person’s reputation. You don’t call them a liar or tell them they're driving you crazy (except to maybe your inner, trustworthy circle).

Instead, you calmly (key word: calmly) tell this person to shut their damn mouth.  


If they’re spreading lies, come at them with the truth. If they’re gossiping about a personal fight, make an effort to resolve it. And if they’re hating for no reason, tell them it’s not doing anyone any good. 

Strong women don’t need to spend a lot of time defending themselves, their good character and reputation does it for them.

But when you do feel the need to say something, make sure it’s worth saying.