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Our BIGGEST Father's Day Gift Guide Is Here! 50+ Gifts For Every Dad

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58 Father's Day Gifts To Give You Ideas For Every Dad

For about a decade, my brothers and I bought my father a gift card to the same steakhouse. He loves steak. It seemed obvious and easy. But it also was too obvious and too easy. I mean, this is the person who contributed half your DNA! Try a little harder and find something more inventive.

If your dad is sick to death of the tie (or coffee mug, or gift card) you buy him every Father's Day, here are some great gift ideas that just may make you his new favorite kid. Or, even if that's never going to happen — we don't understand baseball; we can never win — at least it will show you tried.

1. Devoción coffee subscription ($18-55)

If your dad really loves coffee, consider a premium coffee subscription. Devoción, a Colombian coffee company, uses green beans sourced from more than 400 microdot farms in mostly dangerous red zones throughout Colombia. They are sent by FedEx each week from Bogota to New York to be roasted fresh on site.

They go from Farm to Cup in as little as 10 days, maximizing the taste and richness. The industry norm is 6 to 12 months. They ship whole bean coffee from their New York showroom anywhere in the US.

2. Boardwalk Food Co's Craft Beer IN Pretzels ($8)

What's better than craft beer and pretzels? Boardwalk Food Co's Craft Beer IN Pretzels is a a super-easy and delicious craft beer pretzel mix. Just add beer and bake. Seriously, it's that easy. It's the only mix on the market that uses beer as the "not-so-secret" ingredient. Different beers change the flavor. With all the craft breweries popping up, now is the perfect time to experiment.

3. GO PUCK battery ($69-$99)

GO PUCK is a super-versatile battery — the ultimate personal power solution to charge all USB powered devices.

4. The TomTom Spark Cardio + Music ($249.99)

The TomTom Spark Cardio + Music features a full array of sensors, including GPS and heart monitoring. You can train in five different heart rate zones, and it also has built-in music storage for users to listen to wirelessly, thus removing the need for carrying a smartphone.

It's also water-resistant up to 50M, and offers eight multi-sport modes covering a range of fitness activities: outdoor run, outdoor cycle, swim, treadmill, freestyle, stopwatch, as well as the newly introduced indoor cycle and gym.

5. Circuit board neck tie ($99)

For a great twist on the Father's Day, try surprising Dad with a necktie made from REAL circuit boards! By weight, the tie is 85 pecent recycled content! How cool is that?

6. Basketball-shaped flower arrangement ($55)

Generally, we think of flowers as a more mom thing. But there's some arrangements that SCREAM dad. Take it to the net with this unique arrangement of orange carnations in the shape of a basketball from 1-800-Flowers.

7. Penny Skateboard (starts at $120)

For the active dad or the one who is still dwelling on his Dogtown days, a Penny Skateboard is the perfect present to get him up on his feet. With bold, colorful graphics, you'll find a board that is just his style. Not to mention, this could be the new cool, go-to outing to do with him.

8. Sock subscription ($9/month)

Is your dad updating his sock drawer as he should be? Doubtful. Help him step it up with Foot Cardigan, the raddest and baddest sock subscription out there. For just $9 a month, he can receive a pair of new socks that are just as unique as him. From funky prints of robots, hot dogs and magic 8-balls, this subscription will be the gift that just keeps giving. We're sure his newly fashionable feet will thank you.

9. Cinch Men's Wear ($60-$400)

Let's face it: putting together a stylish outfit each and every day isn't as easy as it looks. It's even harder for our dads. Whether it's for work, a night out on the town, or just relaxing on his day off, Cinch Men's Wear strives to make menswear a cinch.

Cinch takes the guesswork out of shopping, and allows customers to avoid those gnarly crowds at the mall by providing an easy method to build an effortless wardrobe with the brands you know and trust, as well as up-and-coming labels.

10. Anonabox (starting at $120)

Anonabox is a pocket-sized privacy router that uses Virtual Private Network services (VPN) or the Tor network to cloak your IP address and physical location, bypass censorship, deter big data collection and offer easy access to the Deep Web. Additionally, with spring here, and summer and travel season around the corner, Anonabox is the ideal travel companion.

Using the VPNs with our Tunneler and PRO devices, this helps to open up websites that are blocked where you're traveling (like Facebook, Twitter or Netflix), while also accessing location-specific content. This is ideal for fathers who do a lot of traveling for business or with the family.

11. Canon EOS Rebel T6 camera ($500)

For those dads with a knack for photography whether it's the family dog or his dinner the Canon EOS Rebel T6 is the camera to step up their imaging game. This camera features a Food Scene Mode, which increases vibrancy and ultimately makes dishes look more compelling. Built in Wi-Fi and NFC make it easy to post pictures on social media directly from the camera.

12. Taylor GS Mini guitar ($500)

There's nothing better for dad than playing some music around that campfire (or the garage) with a great acoustic guitar. A marvel of scaled-down design, the Taylor GS Mini is a fun little acoustic cannon that has taken the world by storm.

Sporting a rich, full voice with its compact size, the Mini is ultra-portable, yet just as comfortable to cradle in the comfort of your home, making it the ultimate modern day parlor guitar.

13. Related Garments (starting at $29)

Related Garments, the company behind the world's first matching socks and underwear company, is a fun gift as well. Get your dad some nice undies and socks, will you?

14. The Tie Fix ($14.99/month)

If your dad loves to wear ties or has to wear them to the office every day, this will keep his wardrobe looking hip and fresh, and he'll never have to set foot in a store. Plus, The Tie Fix its a total steal!

15. ROAM Ropes earphones ($199)

A new line of wearable earphones, they include a personalized audio equalization options via a simple to use app that can be completely customized to create a unique sound profile. They come in three colors: white, black/red and orange. $100 will be donated to Stand Up To Cancer for every pair of orange ROAM Ropes sold.

16. CarMD Mobile ($139.95)

This is an ideal gift to help dad (or any vehicle owner) save money on car maintenance and repairs year-round. Unlike any other product on the market, CarMD Mobile empowers consumers to uncover hidden car problems that may jeopardize road safety or fuel economy, diagnose check engine light problems and estimate car repair costs, without ever needing to pop the hood or get greasy.

CarMD Mobile provides vehicle owners and used car shoppers with unmatched technology to proactively monitor vehicle health.

17. Laphroaig Lore, Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Whisky ($120)

The remarkable flavor is the result of liquid being drawn from a selection of casks including ex-bourbon barrels, first-fill sherry butts, smaller quarter casks and Laphroaig's most precious stocks. Laphroaig Lore is bottled at 48% ABV and will be available stateside in May, retailing at a suggested price of $125 for a 750ml bottle.

18. Stillhouse Whiskey ($25.99)

Also on the whiskey front, Stillhouse is packaged in a first-of-its-kind, daring red stainless steel can, taking whiskey where glass can't go. Additionally, Stillhouse comes in Original and five other flavors, including Apple Crisp, Peach Tea, Coconut, Mint Chip and Red Hot​. Yummy cocktails are coming Dad's way!

19. Handbrewed beer soap (starts at $6.50)

What do you do when your beer-loving dad has everything, including beer t-shirts, beer mugs, beer hats, and his own homebrewing equipment? Well, you give him a bar of beer soap by Handbrewed Soaps. Now he not only can drink beer, but he can bathe in it as well.

(Note: The beer soap is to be used only on your skin. In other words, you can't get drunk off of it. And you will not smell like beer, either. You will notice, however, the soap's awesome lather.)

20. 240sweet puffs (starts at $10)

Dads love sweets just as much as moms. So why not give them something unique and fun? 240sweet puffs come in unique flavors like Draft Beer, Bourbon Brown Sugar, and other manly flavors.

21. Best Morning Ever mug ($17)

The Best Morning Ever mug keeps coffee hotter for longer. Plus, it can hold warm donuts. It uses the heat from your coffee to warm the specially designed lid to provide better insulation inside the cup, and also serve as a hot plate for any food placed on top. It makes for a longer-lasting, more flavorful cup and is also limitless fun as there are so many things to warm on top like donuts, cookies, muffins, bagels and much more.

22. Single Leg Power Meter (starts at $600)

If your dad is into biking, he should try the Single Leg Power Meter by Pioneer Cycle Sports. Power meters are an excellent gift for cyclists interested in monitoring their power output and pedaling efficiency in order to improve performance. And these power meters are built with the same advanced technology developed to meet the needs of professional cycling teams, including Team Giant Alpecin, Team Lotto-Jumbo and Team United Healthcare.

23. SGY-PMLTC Single Leg Power Meter Installation Kit (starts at $499.99)

Pioneer recently released the SGY-PMLTC Single Leg Power Meter Installation Kit, which gives those weekend warrior dads the gift of power. Another great find for cycling lover is RearViz wearable arm-mounted rear view bicycle mirror ($43.69), which helps you see clearly on your bike path ahead.

They can use this to see clearly looking forward or see behind. It rotates 360° and pivots 180°, giving the rider a clear rear view at any desired angle and permits riders to engage the widest part of the body, allowing the most rearward vision.

24. SCOTTeVEST RFID Vest, 26 pockets, $135

SCOTTeVEST (SeV) is a crazy smart clothing concept that lets you carry and use all of your gadgets and daily essentials. With 26 cleverly designed pockets in a single garment, SeV apparel guarantees that you never have to worry about dropping a phone, losing track of personal items, or lugging around an unwanted bulky bag again — perfect if your dad loves to travel. These are no ordinary pockets, either.

25. Soltado Tequila ($40)

Soltado Tequila is a unique gift idea if your dad is one of those dads who love to experiment behind the bar and try something adventurous in their glass. Soltado is 100 percent blue Weber agave, aged 28 months in American white oak, and then infused for a week with hot, organic Serrano chile peppers and Mexican canela. Small batch, hand crafted and smooth, with an exhilaratingly spicy finish, it makes for a stellar twist on an Old Fashioned or Mexican Mule.

26. Clarisonic Alpha Fit ($189)

This is Clarisonic's first device engineered specifically to clean men's tougher skin, and has patented sonic technology to cleanse away oil, sweat and grime for healthier feeling, more energized skin — whether you're ready for a smoother, closer shave or a beard that looks and feel its best.

The device features two simple settings to energize men's skin: Clean-Shaven (daily cleansing for clean-shaven faces to prep skin for a closer), smoother shave, and Bearded or Power Cleaning (to deep-clean for a more comfortable beard or for more cleansing power post-workout).

27. Dollar Shave Club Father's Day Shave Kit (three months at $45 for 4x, $55 for The Executive; six months at $65 for 4x, $85 for The Executive; 12 months at $100 for 4x, $140 for The Executive)

Give Dad the gift of a clean shave with the Father's Day Shave Kit. A membership to Dollar Shave Club basically guarantees Dad up to a year of great shaves. It's simple: Choose a length of time for the subscription, tell them where to send the boxes, and you're officially the favorite child.

New for Father's Day, the first box includes a three-piece collection to guarantee a smooth shave from start to finish with the Executive Razor and cartridge set, Dr. Carver's Shave Butter and Dr. Carver's Magnanimous Post Shave Cream. Razor cartridges are then sent automatically each month for the designated amount of time.

28. Anthony's Fresh Five Kit ($30)

As of last year, your dad officially ran out of space to store another tie/tool set/coffee mug. Gift him the gift of great skin and spruce up his daily routine with Anthony's Fresh Five Kit. Including All Purpose Facial Moisturizer (1 oz.), Glycolic Facial Cleanser (1 oz.), Shave Cream (1 oz.), Invigorating Rush Hair + Body Wash (3.4 oz.), and Facial Scrub (2 oz.), this kit boasts every grooming product that could possibly be on dad's wish list.

29. Vionic Tide Leather Sandal ($70)

This year, gift dad something that looks as good as it feels: Vionic flip-flops! With built in podiatrist-designed technology, these sturdy flip flops help sports recovery and prevent and relieve foot, ankle, knee and back pain.

30. Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac ($79.99-99.99)


If your dad is a total tech nerd, he may spend his every hour deciding between playing on his PD or Mac. Did you know Cortana, Microsoft's virtual assistant, can now speak to you through a Mac?

Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac allows access to beloved Microsoft applications and services on a Mac, bringing the best of both worlds from OS X El Capitan and Windows 10 onto one platform. This could be a great non-traditional tech gift for anyone who wants to utilize Windows applications on a Mac.

31. T-fal Stainless Steel OptiGrill Plus ($150)

If your dad loves to grill, the T-fal Stainless Steel OptiGrill Plus is a great way to make his life a lot more easy when forced indoors. This features a built-in sensor that automatically adapts to the thickness of your food and delivers perfect doneness, from rare to well-done for six different programs (burgers, poultry, sandwiches, sausage, red meat and fish).

32. ManCave ($24)

ManCave is inherently masculine, clean and modern, with a hint of male nostalgia. Plus, the grooming range focuses on replacing man-made chemicals with a precise amalgamation of natural ingredients, all while using the most sustainable sources of production. It was founded by a father and son duo.

Their Supreme Skincare Set is a good intro to the world of masculine grooming and includes ManCave Moisturizer — a natural hydrating facial moisturizer enriched with bioactives and UV absorbers to create a soothing, easily absorbed formula — and ManCave FaceWash — a wash that combines natural extracts to refresh, waken and purify skin without over drying the skin

33. Bear Naked custom granola (under $10)

If your dad is trying to be healthier this year, it may be a good time to show him that healthy can still be fun and delicious. Bear Naked just launched an easy way to create custom granola with the help of IBM Chef Watson  and it's under $10. All you have to do is choose your own base and mix-ins from more than 50 unique ingredients (like jalapeno or blackberry powder). You can even design the packaging and choose a name that best suits your dad.

34. Take him on a vacation

Take your dad on an epic trip. Show how cool your relationship can be now that you are both adults, and do something you'll be talking about for the next decade. Some wild ideas? Vegas: The Aria just opened a new Jewel nightclub that has a GREY GOOSE Suite inside. Nothing says family friendship like vodka.

Another great spot? Try to help him embrace a healthier lifestyle while having fun at the same time. For instance, Sanctuary Camelback Resort + Spa in Arizona has endless health and fitness and spa options, but is also an opportunity to have a great cocktail by the pool.

35. Sabatino Tartufi Italian Truffle Zest (under $15)

If your dad is into cooking, instead of boring spices or rubs, get him something with some depth for grilling season. Men can get creative with some truffles. Sabatino Italian Truffle Zest is reasonably priced and a great item to sprinkle on steak for an enhanced flavor.

36. Slingbox M2 ($150)

Slingbox M2 is the only device that allows users to tap into their at-home cable subscriptions from anywhere in the world, where an internet connection is available. Users can watch and control 100 percent of live and recorded content from mobile devices or a second TV by using a streamer, like Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, or Roku.

This accessory is perfect for the dad who loves to watch sports, or one who is missing out on his favorite shows while his kids watch cartoons.

37. CROSS Fine Writing Instruments ($150)

If your dad values handwritten letters or is just really into superheroes, CROSS Fine Writing Instruments is launching a line of pens which feature three of the most popular super heroes in The Marvel Universe, including Spider-Man, Captain America and Iron Man. They are available in a stylus model ($45) and a Ballpoint pen model.

38. NeatReceipts ($150)

Some dads have clearly defined interests and hobbies, making gift selection an easy, predictable experience. Most dads usually don't want presents and would prefer to spend time with their families. While that's all well and good, why not get Dad something this year that he will actually use and find very beneficial?

NeatReceipts is a portable scanner that scans receipts, business cards, and other important documents on the go. Everything scanned through NeatRecipts is uploaded to Neat's Cloud Service, where the software identifies, extracts, and organizes key information. All of Dad's key information is then easily accessible from any smart phone or connected device.

39. Fly6 from Cycliq ($170)

For the dad who is an avid road, mountain biker or commuter, the Fly6 from Cycliq is a combination bike taillight and always-on rear facing HD camera. Lights that help you be seen are one of cycling's fastest growing accessories, and the Fly6 takes it a step further by combining a 30 Lumen LED tail-light with an HD camera, and auto capture to record in real time what happens behind the rider. It will help protect dad in the event of an incident.

40. Leef iBridge ($59.99)

For the dad who is constantly getting a "memory full" message on his mobile device, the Leef iBridge is a mobile memory solution that easily expands the storage capacity on his iPhone/iPad, so he never has to worry about quickly deleting memories again. Dad can shoot and save photos right to the device, store his entire music and movie collections to enjoy without taking up space, and easily transfer content between iPhone/iPad and computer without needing Wi-Fi.

Capacity sizes go all the way up to 256GB. For a personalized touch, kids can load up pics and videos on the device before they gift. For Android users, there's the Leef Bridge.

41. Bluebeards Original Beard Kit Trio ($56)

If your dad is all about his facial hair god bless your mother  a great gift for him is the Bluebeards Original Beard Kit Trio. It contains a full-size Extra Conditioning Beard Wash, Beard Saver (a beard oil alternative), and Wonder Beard (great for beards exposed to harsh summer elements such as chlorine and salt water), all packaged in a handy vinyl bag for summer travels and beyond. Perfect for those with big, burly beards as well as those who let their facial hair go for the weekend.

42. Russell's Reserve 10-Year-Old Bourbon ($37, 750ml bottle)

For the dad who loves his bourbon neat, Russell's Reserve 10-Year-Old Bourbon is a deep amber in color with a nose that's rich in vanilla, oak, toffee and a touch of old leather. The body is huge, and the palate is very spicy with notes of chili peppers, tamarind, almonds and cumin. If your dad is more of an Old-Fashioned kind of guy, they also have an awesome Reserve 6-Year-Old Rye.

43. Räven Backpack ($100)

If your dad is into those camping or fishing weekends, he probably needs a good backpack to get his gear with him, safely and securely. Swedish outfitter Fjällräven makes the Räven Backpack as an alternate daypack option. It marries simple design that he's going to love with useful features, including a padded laptop sleeve and fleece-lined pocket for sunglasses or cell phone. Built with G-1000 Heavy Duty, the packs can be waxed to increase wind and water resistance.

44. Duke Cannon's American Soap and Hatchet Set ($175) 

We can't get over a kit that includes both skincare and a hatchet. Talk about well rounded! Duke Cannon's American Soap and Hatchet Set is a gift that may provide all the supplies he needs to get stuff done. In addition, it provides some awesome tools that all guys would be happy to own, including a survival hatchet for camping trips, two Big Ass Bricks of Soap, Tactical Soap on a Rope, Heavy Duty Hand Soap, Bloody knuckles Hand Repair Balm, Cannon Balm Tactical Lip Protectant and a steel bottle opener.

All Duke Cannon items and the survival hatchet are made in the USA. The kit comes packaged in an old military ammo can, completing one of the most kickass gifts any dad can receive.

45. Baby Foot exfoliant ($25)

Do you have a strange dad? Give him a strange Father's Day gift that will be both beneficial and comical. If you haven't heard of Baby Foot, it's the revolutionary Japanese foot exfoliant that's equally strange, gross and awesome all at the same time. It's kind of like a glycolic peel, but instead of for your face, it's for your feet. Awesome, right?

Baby Foot is an all-natural foot care product that will make your dad's tired ol' soles as smooth and soft as a baby's foot. All he has to do is slip on a pair of Baby Foot booties (they come pre-filled with the exfoliant) and in one hour, he's on his way to smooth, soft feet.

The unique formula, which includes 17 types of natural extracts, allows his feet to exfoliate naturally, leaving them highly moisturized. But here's where the gross factor comes in: dad's feet will peel and peel and peel (between 3 to 5 days). But when he's done, his feet will seriously be beautiful, you might not even recognize them. Though, we don't know why you are looking at your dad's feet in the first place.

46. Omaha Steaks ($59.99-109.99)

If you are a man, you probably are obsessed with meat your meat, eating meat, etc. And that means that steak is a great gift idea for your dad. Omaha Steaks has several Father's Day-themed gift packages that are sure to put a huge smile on dad's face.

There's a variety of T-Bones, Ribeyes and burgers. Their Ribeye package includes two 12 oz. Ribeyes, two 5 oz. Top Sirloins, one 16 oz. package of Omaha Steaks Fries, and one 8 in. Seasonal Cherry Pie.

47. Perry Ellis RED ($65 for 100 ml Eau de Toilette spray)

Men aren't really hip to choosing a fragrance; they'll usually take whatever you give them. But you DO have to sit next to them at family dinners. Perry Ellis RED is a good dad scent. It has a fresh and masculine scent, with top notes of an initial burst of juniper berries, Italian bergamot, and Sichuan pepper.

48. The Cookie Cups ($7.50)

If your dad has a sweet tooth, a fun little gift is The Cookie Cups. These are bite-size cookies in the shape of a mini cupcake, and they come in eight amazing flavors. We're all about gifts we can also enjoy ourselves.

49. Oliso Smart Hub + Top ($500)

The Oliso Smart Hub + Top is amazing if your dad is a Food Network nerd. It brings sous vide cooking into the home kitchen. It's a small countertop induction heater with a sealed tank that sits on top. The heater communicates digitally with the tank to maintain the water at a precise temperature for perfect sous vide cooking of meat, fish, or whatever takes your fancy. The grilling dads get very competitive about who makes the best steaks.

50. UpDesk (starting at $790-$930 for a non-motorized crank-up model; $1050-$1800+ for motorized sit/stand desks)

Chances are your dad doesn't get enough exercise. Maybe it's time to finally get dad into a standing desk. He's probably been sitting at his desk for years, and now that we know "sitting is the new smoking." CNN even declared that sitting will kill you, so it's time to elevate his corporate wellness and get him on his feet.

UpDesk has a variety of motorized and crank-up desks in various colors, configurations (for a corner office, or a smaller set up at a home office) and styles, with sit-stand adjustability to keep dad more active and moving at work. We really love the UpWrite model, which any dad with young kids will quickly find "vandalized" with lots and lots of cute kid-sized drawings. 

51. Vivitar Air Defender x Camera Drone with Wi-Fi ($99)

The Vivitar Air Defender x Camera Drone with Wi-Fi is a highflying drone that takes photography and video to the next level. Literally. It can capture live action photos from above with its 16.1 megapixel camera and bring excursions to life with its HD video recording capabilities, delivering smooth, steady footage for 24 minutes of flight time per charge.

Not your typical drone, the Air Defender features an easy-to-use radio transmitter with multi-directional controls and the ability to hover, flip and fly upside down, or even fly at night with 32 LED lights wrapping the drone for glow-in-the-dark fun. Plus, on-board Wi-Fi allows dad to control the drone via a smartphone app, providing a real-time, bird's-eye view of the flight.

52. Altec Lansing Freedom True Wireless Earbuds ($129)

Altec Lansing Freedom True Wireless Earbuds are wireless Bluetooth ear buds, making wires obsolete thanks to rechargeable lithium ion batteries built into the ear bud housings. Yet, it's the industry first built-in Bluetooth-based GPS tracking technology, always keeping users connected and allowing for easy recovery of misplaced ear buds.

The Freedom ear buds not only provide a discreet and flexible wireless listening experience, but also boast a six-hour battery life and unique IPX7-rated waterproof construction for perspiration-resistant wear. Dad can escape just about anywhere with these awesome ear buds.

53. Katz's Delicatessen gift packages ($45-$325)

Give the gift of a New York Deli delivered straight to your dad's door. The historic Katz's Delicatessen in New York City offers a series of gift packages, available for national delivery. Their Classic Sandwich Combo includes every ingredient needed to build the iconic sandwiches at home.

This package offers one pound each of sliced brisket, pastrami and corned beef paired with rye bread, mustard and pickles. A choice of Katz's custom t-shirt or hat is also included.

54. Lock Stock & Barrel 16-Year-Old Straight Rye Whiskey ($150)

Lock Stock & Barrel 16-Year-Old Straight Rye Whiskey is the oldest straight rye whiskey available today. This 3,000 case limited release of 107 proof straight rye whiskey was created for the most discerning connoisseurs and collectors and has already won the coveted Double Gold Medal for best Rye at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Lock Stock & Barrel is double distilled from a rare mash bill of 100 percent rye grain in copper pot stills with a "robust cut" selected by master distillers, unfiltered, then aged in cold weather for 16 years in newly charred American oak barrels.

55. Watchitude ($22)

If your dad is into offbeat accessories, Watchitude is a slap-on watch complete with a variety of prints. A bit dorky, and a bit cool — just like dad.

56. Magnetized Snap-On sunglasses ($35.95 frames; $50 or less with single-vision prescription lenses)

Is there anything more geekishly dad-approved than magnetized glasses? We don't think so. This Father's Day, get dad a gift he'll be drawn to immediately. Magnetized Snap-On sunglasses have arrived and are new from Zenni Optical. These eyeglasses easily convert to polarized sunglasses in a snap.

57. Bullet-Embedded Glasses ($42)

Does dad love talking about random historical facts? Is he a buff for old military movies? Check out these crazy awesome Bullet-Embedded Glasses. The BenShot Original Rock glasses are handmade of heavy, high-quality, thick glass, and embedded with a real copper 0.308 rifle bullet.

58. Bionic Bird ($125)

What guy, of any age, doesn't want a drone? How about something even better?: Bionic Bird. We've all seen drones, but you've never seen anything like the Bionic Bird. It flaps! And with just the wave of your hand, it takes flight. Thanks to its indestructible foam body and replaceable carbon fiber tail and wing structure, hops can range from 100 meters to short voyages.


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