Are You Crazy (Or Is The Person You're With Just Making You Crazy)?

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How To Know If You're In A Crazy, Toxic Relationship

We've all grown up believing that true love is intense and full of passion.

Every story we read or watched backed up the idea that love made people go kind of crazy, and experiencing that level of emotion was reason enough to put the rest of your life on hold and just go along for the ride.

And while those romances do happen and can be full of excitement, they can also be draining, time consuming and toxic. 

Being "crazy about someone" is only cute for so long. 

A mature relationship usually (there are always exceptions) starts off with a lot of passion and craziness and eventually mellows out.

If you feel like your entire relationship has been one long ride on the crazy train, it might be time to break up. 

The problem is, you might be too consumed by the relationship to realize it. 

Getting caught up in the drama of love can be enticing and make you feel like you're a part of something bigger.

But when it's seemingly never-ending and having an effect on other parts of your life, it's time to quit.

Signs of being caught up in a toxic, crazy relationship include, but are not limited to: 

  • Consistently online stalking your S.O. to figure out who is liking their Instagram photos
  • Becoming instantly panicked if your S.O. brings up another girl 
  • Feeling completely consumed by the relationship and ignoring your other friends/hobbies
  • Putting other things on hold and telling yourself that once whatever situation you and your S.O. are in calms down, you'll take care of it 
  • Everyone — including your S.O. — makes you feel batshit crazy

Basically, your life is your relationship, and that's not okay. 

If you feel crazy and like you can't find any peace within yourself anymore, it's time to be alone.

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Time to refresh, regroup and take a beat. It doesn't mean the relationship isn't over for good or worth saving, but it does mean you have some internal issues to deal with. 

Because the truth of the matter is, you're not crazy, you're just with someone who brings out the crazy in you.

All relationships come with some emotional baggage and romantic drama, but you have to be with someone who understands how to manage that.

Whether it's an issue of comparability or maturity doesn't really matter. What matters at this moment is that you need to take some time to get back in touch with yourself and figure out what you really want. 

Emily Blackwood is a writer and editor focused on relationships and pop culture.