RainBROWS Are Officially A Thing Because This World Is WILD

Love or hate?

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Crazy-colored cosmetics have been fashionable for some time now, and it doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. Whether it’s dyeing your hair crazy colors or wearing neon lipstick, people will find a way to let their colors literally shine.

And now, they can do one better. Introducing the newest color-cozy hair trend: “rainbrows.”


That’s right! Now your eyebrows will look like a segment of the hardest level of Mario Kart, or like glorious mane of a unicorn.


Rainbrows were apparently first inspired by rainbow highlighter and rainbow eyelashes, and you can go hard and heavy with your colors:

Or do a subtle pastel:

(Are the guys that do this rainbros?)


Either way, your rainbrows are guaranteed to be on point and looking fierce AF.

You can use colorful pigments, a slanted brush and blend like crazy, or go with a semi-permanent dye to make them stick around for a while longer.


Now get out there and fly those rainbow colors! 

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