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Only Fall For Someone Who Makes You As Happy As A Chewbacca Mask

Photo: WeHeartIt
Fall In Love With Someone Who Makes You Happy As Chewbacca Mom

It's no secret that many viral videos don't deserve that kind of attention, but Candace Payne's giggle fit over her new Chewbacca Mask was one of the few that did. 

Posted last week, the short clip showed Payne hysterically laughing as she wears the mask and proudly makes some Wookie sounds that makes us completely reminiscent of how easy it was to be happy as kid. 

While the purpose of the video was simply to show her "friends on the internet webs" the birthday gift she bought for herself, it's message was much bigger — and simpler — than that.  


As silly human beings, we tend to complicate the idea of being happy. We see it as a mountain to climb or a destination to reach. But in reality, true happiness can be found in smallest, weirdest places.

Like a Chewbacca mask. 

So take a lesson from Candace herself, and enjoy the simple joys. It's good to chase after big dreams and big ideas that will eventually make you happy, but it's equally as important to open your life to people and things that make you happy just being around them. 

Life is what you make it. So don't make it so complicated.