I'm A Professional Cuddler For A Living

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I'm A Professional Cuddler For A Living

"Clients tell me it is more refreshing than a massage and more exhilarating than sex, as it is encompassing a deep, profound energy exchange, enabling them to surrender and just be in the present moment," says Kundala, who has what most would classify a very unusual job.

Kundala is a professional cuddler, a new breed of professional becoming increasingly sought after in the fast-paced Western world where stress is on the rise and physical human connectedness at an all-time low.


And Kundala doesn't come cheap. As a snuggle aficionado, she makes up to $80 an hour pampering clients with a cuddle sesh, typically held at her premises.

"I work for a professional commercial company, and we don't do out-calls all too often. We prefer to have clients come to us. Although we do offer the out-call option, we only do that for clients who are physically unable to attend, such as disabled or mentally ill patients. There is always a carer present in those situations, or at least in another room," explains Kundala, who works at Cuddle Therapy Australia.

And before you jump to conclusions, professional cuddling is not a thinly veiled excuse for prostitution. In fact, it's the furthest thing from it. Cuddle clients are made to sign strict waivers eliminating the possibility of sexual activity before an appointment, and are often asked to sit an interview with their professional cuddler before the session goes ahead.

As Kundala puts it, professional cuddling is a purely platonic, affection-based service designed to provide comfort, relaxation, and awareness of the present moment.

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"Clients want the closeness and the intimacy that platonic cuddling brings. They feel that they can surrender into the nurturing without expectations or of any desire for sexual exchange. They may have had some issues relating to connection, warmth and hugs, and want to experience the tenderness that it brings."

This article was originally published at She Said. Reprinted with permission from the author.