The Deeply Troubling Reason Ozzy LIED About Being A Sex Addict

And why it should matter to you TOO ...

Ozzy Osbourne Admits His Sex Addiction Claim Was A Lie Weheartit

Is Ozzy Osbourne a sex addict? 

Back in August of 2016, Sharon Osbourne tearfully came forward with the "shocking" news that her husband, Ozzy, had been unsuccessfully battling "sex addiction." Apparently, his addiction took such a strong hold of him he cheated on his wife and somehow found himself engaging in an extramarital affair that lasted over six years with one woman in particular.

Poor Ozzy.


Cutting it remarkably close to Black Sabbath's 2016 summer tour (full sarcasm intended), Sharon shared this news with the world via her daytime TV show, The Talk, adding that Ozzy underwent outpatient treatment for the three months prior to their announcement, and that he would enter an inpatient program for an additional three months at the conclusion of the aforementioned tour.

Personally, if my husband were in need of treatment for sex addiction, the last thing I'd want him to do BEFORE entering rehab would be to headline a world tour with his legendary rock band.

The good news in regard to this is threefold:


1. I don't have a husband.

2. If I did, it's highly unlikely he would be a rock star, because I am a simple lass.

3. Sex addiction does NOT exist, so it would be impossible for me to ever think anyone I know requires treatment for it.

But, of course, this isn't about me. It's about Ozzy (and Sharon) — and the reprehensible, destructive lie they fed on.

The lie that "sex addiction" is even real.

In a just released interview with The Time, Ozzy now denies that sex addiction was EVER his problem.

“I’m in a f***ing rock band, aren’t I? ... There have always been groupies. I just got caught, didn’t I? It was a bump in the road. I bet your marriage has bumps in the road too an’ all. In any marriage you grow apart if you don’t spend enough time together, and that was part of the problem. I don’t think I’m a f***ing sex addict. I don’t wanna talk about it anyway ...”


That's all good and well for the Osbournes if they've worked it all out between them. What goes on in anyone else's relationship is no business of yours or mine, after all.

BUT ... and that is a HUGE BUT ...

The damage Ozzy and Sharon did in further perpetuating and publicizing the myth of sex addiction is incalculable.

An internationally recognized expert on issues related to sexuality and mental health, Dr. David J. Ley, responded to the news as follows:

"But I'm confused. He got treatment at one of the pre-eminent sex addiction facilities! A celebrity like him, surely he saw the top folks. And I've been assured that sex addiction diagnosis isn't used to avoid responsibility. Wow. It's almost like you can't trust sex addiction therapists."


Snarkiness aside, there is solid reason for Ley's distrust — and, frankly, disgust — with the sex addiction industry.

  • Sex addiction is not and never has been recognized as a diagnosis within the established parameters of the professional mental health community because it does not meet the criteria of a mental health condition.
  • The label of "sex addict" has been proven to cause severe emotional and psychological trauma to men who have been convinced that it applies to them.

So Ozzy may think to himself, hey, no big deal. It was just some BS between me and the Mrs. 

But the damage has been done.

Searching YouTube today for a video to accompany this article, I uncovered a whopping total of ZERO videos from reliable news sources relating the new details of this story. Page after page remains filled with videos about Sharon's devastation and the treatment Ozzy would receive.


In a climate in which the general public is desperately struggling to decipher the truth from #fakenews and "alternative facts," sloppy lies from celebrities that affect public opinion like this cannot be tolerated. 

I hear, according to Ozzy's same interview in The Times, tickets are still available for the last dregs of that Black Sabbath tour. Sales seem to have gone swimmingly for him and his mates.

We all know Ozzy is cool with eating bats. It's one of his things. Go him.


But I, for one, would greatly appreciate it if he and his fellow celebs would stop feeding off of the mental health and emotional issues at stake for our fellow humans.

Here's a video of David Ley talking about sex addiction with Anderson Cooper: