Man Recreates HEARTBREAKING Photos Of His Late Wife With Daughter

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OMG. All the tissues. All of them.

The human spirit can be a remarkable thing. It's truly amazing how tragedy can sometimes lead to incredible beauty and strength.

Rafael Del Col's wife died in a horrible car accident. As much as he wanted and needed to grieve, he also needed to be strong for his daughter. As a way to honor his deceased wife, he recreated photos of her, but with their daughter.

Though his wife is gone, her memory will live on forever in their daughter, and you can see from the video the immense joy Rafael gets from his daughter and seeing the world through her eyes.

Life isn't easy for those who have had incredible tragedy and pain in their lives, but art and creativity can help, as evidenced by this video of the photoshoot with Rafael and his daughter.

As you watch the video, you will go through a variety of emotions: from smiling at the curiosity of the daughter to seeing the beautiful young mother who lost her life in her prime. It's a video that's both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.


The love of the Del Col family will live on forever.