This Couple Recreated 6 Romantic Scenes ... And MAGIC Happened!

Love Actually

Yes, we did THAT "Notebook" scene.

I can remember the first time I tried to recreate a kissing scene from a movie, it was the underwater one between Leonardo Dicaprio and Claire Danes from Romeo + Juliet. It turns out oxygen is super important.

Being a photographer, I love seeing and capturing photos of couples in love. It's hard to have chemistry, let alone recreate the chemistry between other people. So when Harlequin Presents challenged us with recreating the love between timeless characters and partners (just like the ones in their books), we took the challenge head on.

Harlequin is all about the drama and romance, especially in their newest series: Society Weddings. Inspired by the lavishly romantic series about handsome billionaires tying the knot, I wanted to show how grand and romantic REAL marriage can be, just by putting yourself in the midst of the most iconic romances ever.

Being challenged to recreate these photos that hold the same meaning — timeless and sexy and romantic — was a chance to experience some of that extravagance in real life.

It was awkward. It was funny. And most of all, it proved that I totally chose to spend the rest of my life with the perfect guy for me.

1. Cover of LIFE Magazine from 1945

Since we don't have the end of a war to celebrate, we decided to celebrate one of the best parts of our daily lives — BEDTIME You know, that magical time when you can sit on the couch in your jammies, have Netflix ALL TO YOURSELVES, and you don't have to share any of your snacks.

Times Square And Netflix

2. Sixteen Candles
While today was not Cody's 16th birthday, it was the 9th anniversary of his 27th birthday. We had a cake (that looked really weird, but actually tasted okay) and a lone Darth Vader candle — we made it work.
Shortly before this was taken, I learned Cody didn't know who Jake Ryan was.

Sixteen Candles

3. Yoko And John
So when your husband refuses to spoon your body naked, you can always turn to Craigslist. I chose a slightly safer option.
No, really. He loves me, but clearly not as much as John loved Yoko.

Yoko And John

4. The Notebook
No one could actually get away with kissing like this. It's very dangerous, and Ryan Gosling would likely file a restraining order if I tried.
But we're just as in love, plus it was only 40 degrees outside, so we were pretty cold and passionate about getting back inside.

The Notebook

5. Love Actually
"Hey, Cody! Look like you love me! Hey! Look happy about it! Ignore the neighbors looking at you!"

Love Actually

6. Joanne and Paul
Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman are one of the rare celebrity couples who really made it. They celebrated their golden anniversary in 2008, eight months before Paul passed away.
Cody and I may be a little more awkward, but I sure am looking forward to our 50th anniversary in June 2051. I mean, look how awkward that guy is! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

Joanne and Paul

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