Meet GLAM-MA! This 80-Year-Old's Transformation Is AMAZING

Photo: Tea Flego
grandma beauty

Proof that you're never too old to contour.

Tea Flego, a makeup artist in Pula, Croatia, spends 45 minutes helping her lovely grandmother go from "gramma"...

... to "whoa mama!"

She lovingly calls her "Glam-Ma."

"Every time she looks at herself after makeup she says, 'Holy crap!'" Flego says. "I've done makeup for her many times, but never recorded it."

Glam-Ma's makeup sessions occasionally happen at the nursing home where she lives, and she's become somewhat of a mascot there.

Though she loves getting her makeup applications done, which include smoothing out the skin and applying false eyelashes, Glam-Ma isn't ashamed of her wrinkles by any means. Still, she loves being her granddaughter's favorite canvas and learning where her (now viral) photos have ended up.

"She is enjoying her fame," Tea added.

All of Glam-Ma's family is proud of her, and it's no wonder. She seems like a kind, wonderful woman who isn't afraid to show off her beauty.

You go, Glam-Ma.