What Women In Their 60s Look Like With & Without Makeup (And Why They Wear It)

What Women In Their 60s Look Like With & Without Makeup (And Why They Wear It)

As we get older, society may dictate that we "cover the signs" by slathering on layers of primer and makeup, filling in those wrinkles and lines that tell the story of our years. We may even consider Botox, fillers, or surgery.

But for many women, they just choose not to. While some see aging as a negative, these women are embracing it for the beautiful thing it is and wearing their skin with pride.

Why do women wear makeup in the first place? There's nothing wrong with doing so, of course. Makeup exists for a reason.

But there's also nothing wrong with showing who you are, that you love yourself, and being proud of it. And that may mean going out with little or no makeup.

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If you do want to wear loads of makeup and go for an uber-glam look every day of the week, that's fine too. It's your body and your face. At every age, it's yours to do what you want with. And today, these women in their 60s without makeup share how they are handling this as they grow older.

1. We should celebrate women who choose to wear makeup, even if we don't wear it ourselves.

"I am blessed with reasonably good skin, which helps. Wrinkles and brown spots are all part of aging. I am okay with aging, including never coloring my hair. I am sad to see how much emphasis is placed on looking young, perfect, or beautiful.

I celebrate any woman who chooses to wear makeup. If it helps her feel good about herself, I am all for it. In fact, my 12-year-old granddaughter and her friend recently said to me, 'When people ask your age, then they treat you a certain way. Like treat us like we are just kids when I might know more than they do about some things. And they treat an old person like they are not useful when they might be wise and active.' I hope they retain such wisdom!" —Ellie Hadsall, 69

2. I look better with a little makeup but really try to avoid the overdone look.

"I am 68 and don't wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis, usually just eyeliner and lipstick. But I always use facial serum, coconut oil, and sunscreen if I am going to be outdoors.

I am pretty active as a yoga teacher; I also walk a lot and enjoy being active. Mascara tends to run and I really hate the feeling of perspiring under a coating of foundation. I think I look better with a little makeup but really try to avoid the overdone look. For me, good skin care is the best face makeup along with just a bit of eyeliner and bright lipstick. I also find that my daily facial acupressure practice and my facial serum give me the clean, fresh, and active look because it's real." —Nancy Sheena Sarles, 68

3. I don't feel much different whether or not I wear makeup.

"I was at my daughter's wedding shower and wedding several weeks ago. Overall, I didn't feel much different. I think the dress made more of a difference in the way I felt — pretty and special. I was concerned about how I would look for the wedding pictures as my face shows my red Irish blotches in photos without makeup. As you can see, the makeup eliminates them." —Eileen Mulcahy Schwanke, 67

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4. Makeup makes me feel younger.

"When I'm wearing makeup I definitely feel younger and more energetic and confident. As a result, I try to take the time to apply it most days. This must stem from my dear late mother's words of wisdom that I've passed along to my daughter: 'Never go out without makeup because you don't know whom you may see!'" —Barbara Berry, 69

5. Every woman's beauty is unique.

"I like to wear minimal makeup consisting of under-eye cover-up, tinted moisturizer blush and lipstick. I feel this highlights my features and brightens my face. Any extreme makeup is less attractive. However, beauty does come from within. Good health and happiness create a glow that cannot be artificiality replicated. Each girl/woman's beauty is unique and how they express that is special." —Natalie Zaino, 62

6. I really only ever wear lipstick.

"I never really liked makeup because it doesn't do much for me. I attribute my good skin to keeping my face clean. When I go out, I mostly just apply lipstick to give myself a boost and makes me feel prettier." —Norma Mercado, 68

7. I feel self-conscious without makeup.

"I feel more confident and younger with my makeup. When people don't believe my age it makes me smile inside and out. My skin is healthier now that I have been using better skincare, but I don't feel as young as I believe my fine lines and age spots make me look closer to my age. I definitely do not feel put together without makeup." —Cindy Lee, 62

So, now that you know how women in their 60s without makeup feel about their looks, maybe you can start appreciating the beauty of simplicity in makeup.

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