Everyone SEEMS Irreplaceable — Until You Replace Them

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Everyone Is Irreplaceable Until You Breakup And Replace Them
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When you're in a relationship, your world can get a little smaller. 

It's nothing terrible, but being in love generally means you only get googly eyes for one person and ignore the rest of the pack. It's sweet, it's Insta-worthy and it's a kind of hard to give up. 

One of the hardest parts about breaking up is adjusting to life as a single person. Trading in the daily cute lunch dates for eating Chipotle in front of your computer, and switching the cuddling in bed for passing out alone after a bottle of wine. 

And by far the weirdest adjustment you make after getting out of a long-term relationship is dating, like, other people. 


I know it sounds scary and awful and like a bunch of sweaty dudes who just want to get in your pants while also calling you "bro", but I promise it isn't.

And I know it feels like your ex was the best thing ever and he was the only guy for you, but I promise he isn't. 

Life is about change, weird, terrifying change. And if the only thing keeping your single ass at home is the idea that "all the good ones are taken," then you're lying to yourself. 

Everything feels so permanent in the moment, but it's not. Everything — and everyone — is temporary. 

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So rather than hold on to the idea that your ex was the one who got away, start living with the mindset that even people are replaceable. 

Your happiness does not depend on anybody but you. No matter what happens, no matter who enters or leaves your life, you will be okay. 

You, your heart and your soul are the only things you have that are truly irreplaceable.