You Haven't Lived Until You've Seen This Rainbow Unicorn Horn DILDO

You Know You Want One: Split Peaches Unicorn Horn Sex Toy

Do you ever get that feeling where you just NEED something? Occasionally, I do. I’m naturally drawn to bright colours. My closet is a full of bright pinks, bright blues, bright oranges ... bright everything.

To put things in perspective, I went through a neon phase in high school. I believe bold is beautiful, so when I stumbled across a sex toy shaped like a unicorn horn, I knew I wanted it. And when I saw that it came in rainbow colours, I NEEDED IT.

From what I’ve gathered from other reviewers, I’m not the only one.

The Basics:

Split Peaches is a wonderful company based in the US. All of their products are handmade with high quality platinum silicone. Split Peaches is so dedicated to pleasing its clients, that it actually based this particular toy design on tweets from other reviewers. One reviewer suggested a unicorn horn, while another one suggested it come in rainbow colors. I have found my people.

I asked for a small sized Unicorn Horn Dildo, which means it's six inches tall and 1.5 inches at its thickest. The toy itself is swirled exactly as you would imagine a unicorn’s horn. It starts out small and then gradually increases to 1.5 inches at the base.

It has a flared base, which means that it's both harness compatible and anal safe. It's also made out of one of the nicest silicones I have ever felt.

The Package:

The packaging was perfect. It came in a plastic case in a discreet box. There was a little note from the company that was signed by Andy (the owner). There was also a little goodie bag with temporary tattoos, stickers and a promotional dog tag necklace.

Actually, when Andy e-mailed me to say that my toy was on its way, he sent me a photo of it! Not just the photo from the website, but he actually took the time to show me exactly what I was going to receive.

Frontal Use:

The small size was smaller than I had imagined, which initially I was disappointed with, but actually learned to love. The thing is, this toy is designed after a rather impractical sex object: a straight horn. It isn't meant to target your G-spot. It isn't meant to target your A-spot. It's just meant to be enjoyed (which it was).

I was so damn excited to be sticking a rainbow coloured unicorn horn up my vagina. There's something so unique and fun about it — and sex should be fun! I wasn’t expecting it to really feel pleasurable due to its size and shape, but it actually felt really good. It's the perfect warm-up toy to use because it starts small and gradually increases.

I’ve had no issues with insertion and once it was all the way in I could still feel the girth of the 1.5 inches. For me, what's fun about it being a shorter toy is that it can be thrusted all the way inside me without any issues. You get the really hot act of thrusting, mixed with the girth, topped off with the smoothest feeling silicone. Totally sleek, bendable and just overall very pleasant

I can actually get it to target my G-spot because of the bendable material. It doesn’t do it naturally, but it's possible. The ridges of the swirls can rub against it. I won’t orgasm alone from this toy, but it definitely gets the party started.

Because this particular size is a "starter" or "warm-up" size for me, once I have moved on to a larger toy, I don’t find much pleasure in using the unicorn dildo after. It really has to be at the start of a session for me.

Anal Use:

I'm not an anal pro. A lot of the times I see a dildo with a flared base and I’m like "That’s great for others, but there's no way I’m trying that for me." Enter the unicorn dildo (pun intended). When I first saw the tapered shape and smaller size, my initial reaction was "This is going to be great for anal." Oh, and it was.

Using a bit of water-based lube (I used Sliquid Sassy), it's SUPER-EASY to slide into my butt. Seriously, normally it takes us a while to get a toy in, but this one works wonders. I credit the gradual increase in size and the squishy-but-not-too-squishy material. The swirls of the horn provide great texture without being too intense for me.

All images: A Couple Of Kinks

In Conclusion:

The Unicorn Dildo in Rainbow is freaking awesome. The shape and colors get me excited to use it, and the shape and material are perfect for warming up my vagina as well as for anal play. I would love to have a large size of this dildo to put on display (or wear on an upside-down face harness) but the small size makes more sense for me and the type of G-spot stimulation that I like.

Even if it doesn’t work for your vagina, it might just be perfect for your anus. Unique, colourful and pleasurable — just try resisting it. 

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