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Why Letting Your Husband Shave Your Vagina Is The BEST Foreplay Ever

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Why You Should Shave Your Partner

As I watch my partner gently dip the blade into a bowl of warm water, I become acutely aware of his left hand placed on my upper thigh. There I am, legs parted, on my back, trusting him completely.

He takes the first cautious stroke with the razor, and it sends shivers down my leg. A slow water droplet makes its way down my skin and drips onto the couch  the cold leather couch that is slowly warming up with our bodies entangled together.


He's close to me, placing himself between my legs to get as close as possible, his bare chest hair grazing my knee as he gently cleans off the razor from the first stroke. He's taking care of me.


It isn't every day that I let someone shave my pubic area, but the way he's focused on my body tells me I made the right choice by asking. He's nervous to be wielding a sharp blade near my sensitive areas but I fully trust him.

The way he moves my labia isn't reflective of a task; he is genuinely enjoying the process. He breathes deeply and heavily onto my clit, the way he knows will drive me wild. I'm fully under his power. If we stop now, the job will be half done.


He won't speed up for me; he's too concerned about damaging my skin. He's purposely teasing me, his arm trapping my leg as he watches my vulva glisten with new moisture.

A coy smile tells me he knows exactly what he's doing to me as I lie there helplessly. Another cleanse of the blade in warm water, rinsing out the hair and preparing for the next stroke — a stroke just as delicate as the others. He tells me to be patient.

He's focused on being intimate with the way the hair grows on my pubis. He breathes warmly on my clit, followed by a cold towel to clean off any stray hairs.

I look down to see that he's given my vulva a moustache design. Together we burst into laughter, feeling silly from the whole ritual. When our laughter subsides, our lips fiercely come together after being patient for so long, after being so deeply intimate in a new way.


We have our fun with my new pubic design and then he pulls me close to set me up in position again. He re-fills the bowl of warm water and re-starts his meticulous strokes. I'm still dripping from our session and he loves every smell of it.

I watch as he gently dips the blade into the warm water. I smile because I know he's taking care of me.

This article was originally published at A Couple of Kinks. Reprinted with permission from the author.