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Caitlyn Jenner Will Pose NAKED For A Sports Illustrated Cover

Photo: AllAboutTheTea
Caitlyn Jenner Nude and Naked for Sports Illustrated

Caitlyn Jenner will do what the Kardashians do best, get naked. Jenner will take a page out of Kim K's Selfie book, and reportedly appear nude on camera for the first time since her transition for the summer 2016 cover of Sports Illustrated, according to US Weekly

No Kim, this is no laughing matter. According to the site, the 66-year-old reality star "will appear on a summer cover of Sports Illustrated wearing “nothing but an American flag and her Olympic medal,” a source reveals in the latest issue of Us Weekly. 

Wait ... this sounds a little familiar.

Oh yeah, someone already beat you to it, Caitlyn. In a 2007 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (shown above), Caitlyn's ex Kris Jenner did the exact same thing and posed nude with nothing but the Olympic gold medal and an American flag sheet. But it wasn't for a major magazine like Sports Illustrated, so I guess the joke's on you Kris...

Caitlyn has been a major asset and inspiration to the LGBT community since her "coming out" on the now infamous cover of Vanity Fair in July 2015. She recently made headlines for her comments regarding the recent trans-bathroom controversy, in which GOP candidate Donald Trump told said in an interview with Matt Lauer, that she is free to use the bathroom of her choice on any of his properties.

She took him up on his offer and said, "OK, last week Donald Trump said I could take a pee anywhere in a Trump facility, so I am gonna go take a pee in the ladies' room,” she said on her Facebook page. "Thank you, Donald. I really appreciate it.”

This will be also be Caitlin's first time posing with her gold medal since her transition. Jenner received the medal after setting a world decathlon record at the 1976 Montreal Summer Games. Reportedly, this shoot is meant to celebrate the 40th anniversary of her win. Although nothing has been confirmed by Jenner or SI, I'm sure these photos will be simply stunning and of course ... break the internet.

We will update this story as more details become available.