99% Of Us Get Our Awesomeness From Our Moms, Let's Thank Them For It

Photo: Unsplash 
99% Of Us Get Our Awesomeness From Our Moms, Thank Them

When you grow up and start pretending to be an adult woman, there's this widely felt fear that you don't want to end up like your mother. 

Whether it's not wanting to adopt her intense cleaning regimen or her tendency to ask a lot of questions during movies, we've made it almost painstakingly clear that we'd rather grow up to be anybody else. 

I don't think this idea was born out of a lack of respect for moms, but out of this ridiculous idea that our identities should be cultivated entirely by ourselves. 

Well, I call bullshit. 


The idea that there is some mythical identity you're supposed to have created in your 20s that's entirely yours alone is unrealistic. Your sense of self has be forming since you were a fetus and, and you better damn hope your mother was a big part of that — especially if you've been blessed with a kick-ass mom. 

Thank her for your ability to multitask (vacuuming while texting while catching up on "Real Housewives" while paying your bills) or your love for tomatoes. 

Thank her for the dimples in your cheeks or your internal alarm clock that ALWAYS goes off at 6 a.m.

Thank her for your instinct to read people and your laid back attitude. 

Thank her for all your favorite things about her, because they make you, you. 

Though recognizing that nearly all of the coolest things about you come directly from your mom is something you should be doing on the daily, this Mother's Day  make she knows how thankful you are to have parts of her in your personality, too.

May we all turn out exactly like our mothers.