Is Your Relationship WORTH The Fight, Or Are You DOOMED To Fail?

Don't doom your relationship from the very beginning.

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We live in a society that promotes tossing things away when they stop working or are no longer current. Our technology is nearly impossible to keep up with, fashion trends change with the wind, and it seems we’ve become a little too accustomed to instant gratification — I want it, and I want it NOW!

Could it be that attitude is bleeding over into how we handle our relationships? Are we too quick to dismiss or divorce someone when they don’t suit our needs right away?


Do we really take the time to experience someone in different situations — fully know them before we toss them aside hoping for someone better? We fall in love fast and hard, but once the ‘honeymoon’ phase is over and we come out of the ‘bliss’ fog, all those little quirks and flaws begin to surface and we start thinking, "Hmm … maybe there is some greener grass over there."


In other words, when the sh*t hits the fan, we give up on something that could quite possibly have been the best love of our lives! So many of us enter into a relationship thinking, "If we don't work, we'll get a divorce." We’re out before we’re really in!

Whether you’re just married, or in a new relationship, it takes time to know if someone is the right one or if the two of you are at a dead end. But how long should we give it before we fully commit?

Obviously, there are instances where you should get out of a situation when there are just too many red flags or you are just not compatible, but how long is long enough to make an intelligent, educated decision? You want to give it your best effort and most of us want to please each other and deepen our connection — but what do we need to know to figure out if it’s right?

These questions and more are discussed by our panel of experts in this lively video. YourTango Experts Senior VP Melanie Gorman talks with author Arielle Ford, ‘The Relationship Help Doctor’ Rhoberta Shaler, Psychotherapist Foojan Zeine, and Founder and Chief Storyteller Renee Jain about this confusing topic to help you gain clarity and insight.



Should you have more questions or just want more information, please feel free to visit their websites, or contact Rhoberta, Arielle, Foojan or Renee — they’re waiting to help!