This Chocolate Chip Cookie Cone Belongs In Our Tummy, Like, Now

Photo: iambaker
chocolate chip cookie cone

Sugar cone? History. Waffle cone? So last season. Chocolate chip cookie cone? Wait... what?

You haven't had a heavenly ice cream experience until you've tasted this new way to make your own ice cream cone out of chocolate chip cookies.


Just look at it! It's completely irresistible and combines your two favorite components of dessert: cold ice cream with warm cookies.


If you've got a sweet tooth to take care of, this will definitely hit the spot. This treat gives you all the wonderful flavors of warm, gooey cookie with the cold sweetness of your favorite kind of ice cream.

Just imagine all the possible taste combinations. You can probable use different kinds of cookies, too. Sugar cookie cones? Snickerdoodle cones? And what about Fruity Pebble cones?


Oh, yes. Let's take a minute to wipe the collective drool from our keyboards and then learn how we can make these wonderful things ourselves.

So how can you make a cookie cone of your own? Simple: Bake a big cookie and roll it into a cone before it fully cools. Experiment with your own recipes and don't forget to share them with the rest of us.