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People Who Do THIS Have More Sex Than Everyone Else, Says Study

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Pot Smokers Have More Sex Than Everyone Else

4/20: Everyone knows what that date celebrates without needing to look it up. As it turns out, people who celebrate it daily score more than just a temporary high.

According to a Millennial Sex Survey by SKYN Condoms, pot smokers are also scoring rather well in the bedroom. "Daily marijuana smokers tend to have more sex, more sexual partners and more confidence in the sack than non-smokers," the study says.

Researchers found that 14 percent of smokers have sex "several times per day" compared to the 5 percent of non-smokers. Thirty-seven percent of smokers also report having more than 15 partners, compared to the 14 percent of non-smokers who report the same. As for being "amazing" or "very good" in bed, 59 percent of smokers believe that they are, compared to the 41 percent of non-smokers. 

And there's more to know about the sex lives of pot smokers:

1. They lost their virginity at a very young age.

A whooping 59 percent of daily smokers reported to losing their virginity at 15 years old or younger, whereas only 26 percent of non-smokers claim the same. Even more shocking? Eight percent of daily smokers say they lost it at 12 years old and younger. Only 2 percent of non-smokers say the same.

2. They have more one-night stands.

Get this: 80 percent of smokers report to having plenty of one-night stands, compared to the 52 percent of non-smokers.

3. They don't use protection as much.

This is actually really good information to know because protection is important. While 48 percent of non-smokers use condoms as a form of protection, only 44 percent of smokers report the same. 

4. They tend to date online.

For the online daters out there, just know that whoever you're talking to online may be a pot smoker. Thirty-four percent report to using free or paid dating sites, compared to 21 percent of non-smokers. There's even a dating site for lovers of cannabis.

Makes sense, we suppose. Some do claim that smoking pot makes sex better, after all.

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