Parents Reveal What They Wish They Knew BEFORE Having A Baby (SOB!)

Photo: Shurkin Son/Shutterstock
Parents Reveal What They Wish They Knew BEFORE Having A Baby

If there's one thing absolutely everyone has an opinion on, it's childbirth and rearing. A lot of people will give you what they believe to be the best possible guidance, usually what worked for them when they raised their kids.

But as one parent is quick to remind us:


Some of the best advice that they do offer, however, is simply to trust in your instincts when it comes to dealing with the new baby, and to make certain you've got enough room for everything you're going to need, including the memories your family will make.


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Everyone's going to have some idea of what you should or shouldn't do to raise your child, but the best part of raising them is getting to experience that for yourself.


You can see the whole tear-jerking experience here, but have some tissues ready. And don't worry — you're going to be a great parent:


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