5 Things We Did As Kids That Would Make Adulting SO MUCH BETTER

Photo: Evoxtelevision

Being an adult sucks. Yes, we get to drink, stay out late, and drive ourselves around (obviously NOT while drinking and staying out late!) ... but at what cost? To get through life, you need money, and unfortunately the most common way to get that is working some 9-5 job that's either boring or stresses you out.

But what if there was a way to fix adulthood, by doing things you loved as a kid?


Kids get to have moments of fun throughout the day, and it allows them to be more involved with what they’re learning. Bringing that into the workplace would allow you to engage better, and make it through the day a little happier.

If we could take a break during the workday to do something calm, fun, and stress free, we would be able to finish our days better and more relaxed. Not only would it be good for you, but it would make the workday a little less miserable.


1. Naptime


Naptime was probably my most under-appreciated part of school as a kid. I was always hyper, so taking time to nap just didn’t interest me. Looking back, I should have taken those naps, so I could be a little less tired now.

Taking naps as an adult is glorious. After the morning coffee wears off, and you’ve been at work a few hours, the workplace doldrums strike. A nap fixes all that. Recharge, refresh, and kick ass.

2. Recess


Sometimes naps are just not your thing. Maybe you’re a “go outside and move around” kind of person. For you, we need to bring back recess. Kickball, swings, and monkey-bars could get your heart going and break up the work haze, allowing you to return to work with fresh eyes and perspective.

Maybe that’s all you need to work through that tough budgeting problem.

3. Winter Holiday/Spring Break

New Schoolers

Designated vacation time may be the greatest part of childhood. Yes, the teachers assigned homework, but it only took a day and you had the rest of the week for fun. For winter break, it was skiing and family time, in the spring it was trips to the beach, or if you were lucky, Disneyworld/Disneyland.

In today's workplace, everything is go go go. And if you’re constantly working, you’re going to burn out.

Having a guaranteed week off would give you the time to rest and relax. Go hiking, take a road trip, anything that will let you forget your everyday life for a little while.


4. Reading corner


Sometimes the work isn’t the problem. Maybe it’s the sitting at your desk all day. I had a class where we had a corner of the room with more comfortable chairs, designated for reading. It could have been classwork, or a book for fun if we completed our work early. It was highly motivating. Small change in seating made me more comfortable and gave me a better mindset for getting things done.

5. Extracurricular activities


At the end of the workday, heading straight home can be a bummer, and heading to a bar can get pricey if you’re there too long (and you may get a reputation if you go too much).

If only there was something to do with people that could be fun and not get you in trouble … like extracurricular activities. Jam sessions, book club, chess club, dance class, trombone lessons and things like that would help you make friends and let go of the stress that builds up over the day.

Even if you’re not good at it, trying to do something new will get you out of your shell, liberating you a bit.

And expanding your talents would be great for your employer too! Everyone loves a multi-talented employee, right?