7 GLORIOUS Childhood Luxuries That Parents Deserve, Too

Have your cake and eat it too!

parents doing kid things Amiee Berry 

Being a parent has so many perks, raising someone to be as cool as you is just one of many. Unfortunately, it's forgotten that kids do have certain luxuries that adults normally don't.

Getting to set your own curfew is nice and all, but what about having someone else plan your birthday parties and the lack of responsibility for your own lunch?

Kids have it good.

Let me paint a scene: You wake up to the smell of your favorite breakfast (is it bacon, is it pancakes, is it accompanied by fresh coffee, the limit to this doesn't exist!). You go to the kitchen where there's an envelope on your plate.


This is the start of a scavenger hunt for your present and you couldn't be more giddy. Although, you can't search for it until after eight hours of school, work, etcetera.

You're feeling pretty antsy. 

Then, you get home and find your present with a real pretty helium balloon. 

But la piece de resistance is an hour later all your friends come over for cake and twister, along with presents of course.

You don't have to move a finger because you're some kind of birthday princess! Even your guest list is guaranteed too because the whole class was invited and it's some unspoken social norm that you basically have to go in that case.


Doesn't that sound great parents? It might be stretching the limits a little, but you get the gist. Indulge in your kid's luxuries, go get fun looking book and make a mess finger painting.

You know you're deserving and you're kids probably wouldn't mind you crashing their play date. Maybe a little, Susie is your kids best friend which can get pretty territorial. But break loose parents, try these luxuries out for yourself!

1Birthday party photo shoots (with cake smash!)

Adult cake smash for parents Amiee Berry 

Is there a parent alive that hasn't watched their child tear into their birthday cake with envy? 

But why on earth can't WE do it too? After all, you only turn 30 once, right?! 

Jackie Slinkard and her friend, photographer Amiee Berry, came up with a brilliant idea to reclaim that first birthday rite of passage and did an awesome cake-smashing photo shoot for Jackie.

And really, who deserves it more? The hard-working parents, or those cute little pumpkins who do nothing but sit around all day and drool? 

So look pretty ... then get messy!


2A dose of recess to let your wild run free!

Adult recess Patrick Ward

The way recess has translated over the years goes from a half hour of exhausting bliss to just lunch to you're-lucky-to-squeeze-that-Netflix-show-in. It's not the same!

Recess refreshes kids, why shouldn't parents get the same? Sure, there's the risk of getting sweaty and just not quite getting double-dutch, but it would be worth it to feel the exhilaration of getting active in a playful environment!


3Little packs of candy ... I mean fruit snacks.

adult snack time Bustle

Fruit's in the title, so it's totally okay!

When I searched: Adults eating fruit snacks, all I got were adults eating actual fruit, hence the need for this point. Every once in a while parents should indulge in fruit snacks! They are wonderful, especially after a long recess. Especially Gushers, those things>Fruit By The Foot any day.


4Parents should get mandatory nap time too!

adult nap time National Desert News

There are studies all over about how we all need more sleep. Especially parents, but zero time in the day to just lie down. That's why I propose mandatory nap time everywhere! The workplace, apartment buildings, you name it, there's an hour during the day where you bring out your favorite pillow in complete silence. Ah, that's sounds so nice.

5Reading fun books as assignments!

reading homework Uhwo Hawaii

Most people enjoy reading and there are lots of stories out there to electrify your imagination! But, alas, between a busy schedule and getting your kids to do their own reading homework it's tough. Parents should get to read and FINISH a book every now and then. It's only fair for them to find out what happens to Harry and Voldemort. 


6Play date anyone?

tea party for adults Bella Cupcake Couture

Speaking of imagination, boy oh boy do play dates provide the best example. You got your best friend Susie and both of you have your imaginary friends, that's the recipe to a supreme tea party. Don't forget you set the terms and limits of the world that the tea party is in too! 

Parents shouldn't just have to clean up these adventures, they should join in the fun! Sip that tea, don't actually bite the plastic scone and enjoy!

7Get dirty with some paint

adults finger painting Yup That Exists

Okay parents, get your smock and just go for it. Why just sigh at the clean up when you have a masterpiece ready to spring from your fingertips? Yeah, go express yourself, go wild. It's no wonder there are adult coloring books now, parents need to express themselves too!